5 Great places to party in Las Vegas

5 amazing places to celebrate in Las Vegas 1

If you’re heading for a vacation and party in Las Vegas as a couple – you’re probably the kind of couple that loves to party! You’ll no doubt be heading there with the intention of checking out the great nightlife – something lots of couples enjoy during their visits.

The city is famous for its incredible party atmosphere, so take full advantage of it whilst you’re there! Don’t waste your time on second rate clubs and bars – this city is all about living the high life and being treated like a VIP – so make sure you’re doing exactly that. It can be an incredibly romantic experience partying the night way with the person you love – so make sure you’re only choosing the best places. Below are 5 of the best nightclubs and bars in Las Vegas for those times when you only want the very best! Just make sure you get on the guest list – no VIP ever waits in line!


1. Marquee Night and Day Club


Yes that’s right – this place is open all day (and night) long. Pretty impressive, right? The club has multiple rooms, loads of dance floors and even a rooftop swimming pool. (We thought that might sway you!) This could easily take the crown as the best nightclub in Vegas – so make sure you get your tickets and passes early, and for the ladies reading – make sure you get your names on the guest list, because you’ll get priority entrance, meaning you and your man can skip the queues.


2. Rain Nightclub– Palms Casino


The Rain nightclub is a big adult playground where fantasy becomes reality. There are huge fire-balls, an elevated dance floor (to show off your moves) and even skyboxes – where you can indulge in a private moment and enjoy the view. You can’t get bored in this venue – it’s just not possible. They often host a variety of themed events too – for those who like to dress up and party hard.


3. Ghost Bar – Palms Casino


Another great venue located in the palms resort – this one with one of the most amazing views in Las Vegas. It really is incredible – 55 floors above the city and breathtakingly beautiful. There is a live DJ, dancing and a great bar too – in case the views weren’t enough to keep you there.


4. XS Nightclub – Encore Hotel


Steve Wynn blows us away again with this impressive club. Located in his luxury hotel, this club is absolutely huge and won’t fail to impress you. You’ll be taken aback at the quality of refinement in here – especially as it was considered one of the most expensive nightclubs ever built, which definitely makes it worth a visit! Party goers are there all night and dress to impress, so make sure you are too!


5. The Pussy Cat Dolls Lounge – Caesars Palace


If you’re after something a little more low-key and a bit smaller, this may be the right place for you. It’s a great place to grab a drink and hang out with friends – before you move onto one of the bigger locations listed above. There are burlesque performances on nightly, which add an extra level of spectacle to the club too. Again, this is somewhere you’ll want to dress to impress!



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