6 Trendy Destinations For Hipster Honeymooners

6 Trendy Destinations For Hipster Honeymooners 1Photo Courtesy: pixabay

The honeymoon is the most fun part of the marriage; it is perfectly placed after the whole hullabaloo of the big fat wedding and before the weary dreary regular life begins.

It is the first holiday a couple takes together and uncovers everything (yes yes, dirty mind, everything) together. Thus, the selected place should be fantabulous. So to help young cool couples out, here’s a guide for the best places to visit for your honeymoon, which will make the lovebirds swoon.


Pamalican Island, Philippines:


6 Trendy Destinations For Hipster Honeymooners 2

Photo Courtesy: Eric Molina


If complete seclusion is on your mind then this place is perfect for the lovey-dovey pair. Pamalican island, unlike the commercial sell outs (yes Bora Bora, not very subtle hint to you) has just one resort which has five stars awarded to it along with sand which is whiter than Snow White’s skin and coral reefs larger than Sheldon Copper’s head.  It’s the perfect getaway after the scores of people the couple has had to meet during the wedding ceremony.


La Réunion:


6 Trendy Destinations For Hipster Honeymooners 3

Photo Courtesy: Thomas McGowan


Wildlife junkies have their own concept of the perfect honeymoon and usually marry another wildlife junkie so that both of them can explore wildlife together. If the other partner is not into adventure, then too they might just be so overwhelmed by the beauty of this French island with tropical rainforests, endless flora and fauna and active volcanoes that the hiking, trekking and other adventure sports the island provides will be forgiven and maybe even participated in.


Vegas, baby!


6 Trendy Destinations For Hipster Honeymooners 4Photo Courtesy: pixabay

Las Vegas should not be restricted to bachelor parties or drunken marriages which are annulled once the hangover is gone. The city has far more things to offer, from a legendary nightlife to all-day entertainment shows to relaxing spas. Celebrity-like treatment is provided from the moment the fancy honeymooners arrive as they have a choice to choose between 200 resorts and hotels which offer various perks like shopping, spas, pools, restaurants and, of course, the casinos.


Lapland, Finland:


6 Trendy Destinations For Hipster Honeymooners 5

Photo Courtesy: Jarkko Aho


The options given above should have interested the reader, but if they have reached this far, then it is obvious they are looking for more. That “more” can be satisfied by abandoning the beaches and mountains, and going in for the extreme, i.e. snow. In that snow, couples can take dog-sled rides, roam around in snowmobiles, chill in the sauna and eat like crazy because it is allowed in cold countries and no one frowns. Also keep each other warm all day *nudge nudge* * wink wink*.


Cultural Curry – Rajasthan:


6 Trendy Destinations For Hipster Honeymooners 6Amber Fort, Rajasthan, India – Photo Courtesy: Helen Flamme

The flashiness of Vegas and the seclusion of Pamalican Islands are not appealing to some of the hipster honeymooners; they like history, they dig archeology and live to discover different cultures and customs throughout the world. For such couples, no better honeymoon destination than Rajasthan comes to mind.

It is one of the most historic destinations in India. There are elephant rides, camel rides, Rajput-style water gardens, historical forts and much more. In the state, the couple can visit various cities like Udaipur (the lake city), Mount Abu, which is a hill station and Bikaner which houses the largest number of religious shrines, beautiful forts and castles. It is overall a romantic, historic and spiritual experience for the newlyweds. For more about India, kindly refer to the book “Eat, Pray, Love.”


Punta del Este, Uruguay:


6 Trendy Destinations For Hipster Honeymooners 7Punta Del Este Sunset – Photo Courtesy: Jimmy Baikovicius

Honeymoons are not always about sugary diabetes causing love, it can also be one big party if the couples are the fun seekers. As this guide is for the hipster couple, Rio de Janerio gets too regular, thus the cool lovelies can brag about “discovering” this little town not many people know about. Sleep during the day in the luxury of the hotel room or the ridiculously gorgeous beaches, and then get your “Party Rockers in the house tonight” groove and dance all night, in any of the bars or nightclub till the sun starts shining again. Repeat process next day.


These not too conventional places can be visited, instead of the Paris and the Hawaii and other regular places where even the couple’s ancestors may have gone for their honeymoon!


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