7 Great Reasons to Ride a Hot Air Balloon

7 Great Reasons to Ride a Hot Air Balloon 1A beautiful balloon ride in Sydney’s Hawkesbury Valley by Cloud 9 Balloon Flights of Australia

When some people think of hot air balloon rides they picture a dull, slow-moving day out, when nothing could be further from the truth. These people may consider the experience to be quite boring in comparison with a ride in a helicopter or flying lesson in a plane, but they’re actually completely different things that shouldn’t be compared. Here are just a few of the great reasons to take a trip in a hot air balloon:


1. See your country like never before.


7 Great Reasons to Ride a Hot Air Balloon 2An exciting balloon ride over the Hunter Valley in Australia

Going up in a hot air balloon will give you the chance to see the countryside as you’ve never seen it before. Everything will be put into perspective, and you’ll see the natural beauty of the planet from afar, but at a nice, gentle pace which allows you to take everything in.


2. Get a sense of your place in the world.


7 Great Reasons to Ride a Hot Air Balloon 3

Once you’ve seen the world from such a great height, you’ll never think of it in the same way again. Your new perspective will make you appreciate how truly huge the planet is and how small your part in it is – but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing! It can help you appreciate the smaller things in life as well as its grandness.


3. Feel inspired to do something with your life.


7 Great Reasons to Ride a Hot Air Balloon 4A stunning view of Hunter Valley, Australia from a Cloud 9 Balloon Flight

If you’ve been floating apathetically through life, you may feel inspired to do something different with it once you’ve truly appreciated your place in the world. You may feel inspired to venture to distant lands, or to try and make a difference to the people right below you, in your community at home.


4. Bond with your loved ones.


7 Great Reasons to Ride a Hot Air Balloon 5

A hot air balloon trip isn’t necessarily a solo experience – it can be a wonderful, romantic experience to have with your partner, sharing champagne and a kiss while you breathe in the high, fresh air. It can also be a lovely family day out, giving your kids a whole new appreciation for the world.


5. Make new friends.


7 Great Reasons to Ride a Hot Air Balloon 6

Hot air balloons are often shared with a big group of other people, many of whom will be strangers. However, you clearly have interests in common as you have all chosen to take a trip in the hot air balloon. Use this opportunity to get to know the people sharing your ride, and you may find you make some life long friends.


6. Learn the science behind hot air balloons.


7 Great Reasons to Ride a Hot Air Balloon 7

If you have an interest in science, you may have wondered exactly how hot air balloons work. And even if you don’t have a particular interest in science, you may find yourself fascinated with the mechanics of how a hot air balloon works, as well as gaining an understanding of the precise weather conditions required for a successful trip.


7. Feel alive.


7 Great Reasons to Ride a Hot Air Balloon 8

There’s not much else that can compare to the feeling of floating high above your country to make you appreciate life. Stretch out your arms, breath deeply, and take it all in. This is your life, and you get to spend it doing fantastic things like this.


Gareth Heller loves adventure filled activities. He doesn’t back down from anything, no matter how scary it looks. He is a really big fan of the Hot air balloons in NSW.

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