A Guide to the Best Cruises This Summer

A Guide to the Best Cruises This Summer 1

It’s that time of year when you might be querying where you could go this summer for a lovely escape from reality. Holiday planning can be difficult, especially if you’re not too sure on what options are out there.

If you’re a fan of feeling free during your travels, then water transport may be for you. If you have been on a cruise before, you will know the brilliant advantages of not having to sit still in one seat the whole time. You will also already have had the pleasure of being entertained and happy on your travels, before you have even arrived at your destination.

So, we have now acknowledged that cruises are fabulous and fantastic, but which cruise programmes are perfect for summer weather? We have gathered a collection of the best cruises that are on offer this year!


Mini-cruise to Rotterdam/Amsterdam


A Guide to the Best Cruises This Summer 2A mini cruise is essentially a version of a cruise that is shorter and usually only lasts for the weekend. The reason we love this is because it has great flexibility and gives you the opportunity to decide how many days you would like to spend in Rotterdam or Amsterdam itself.

This cruise is not one of the more luxurious, but definitely has a lot to offer and a lot of great advantages for such a cheap holiday. We have discovered this to be the best cruise for those that only have the time or the patience for a shorter break, as it will feed you with varying activities that are all extremely fun and exciting – even though the time is tight.

The boat itself has plenty on board for you to participate in and enjoy, such as a two cinema screens, a choice of restaurants, a Costa coffee shop, a duty free shop and an evening entertainment program. For families, they also have lots to do for the little ones!

Amsterdam and Rotterdam are both glorious destinations and we promise that you will not regret this small break! As you may already know, the nightlife in Holland is extraordinary and is known to be the best in Europe. In addition to this, the culture here is one that many visitors adore and the museums located here are sure to give you enjoyment.


Greek Island Cruise


A cruise around the Greek islands is perfect for the summer as the sun is blazing and the beaches and water is more beautiful than ever. The route of this 7-nights cruise will ensure that you get to see the historic towns and the archaic wrecks and buildings that the Greek treasure the most.

You will have the chance to immerse yourself on the ship into an indoor and outdoor pool, explore the rock climbing features, play numerous games of mini golf or even get a full pamper in the spa! On board the ship, you will find an array of fantastic facilities that accommodate to your desires – making your trip that much more enjoyable.

A Guide to the Best Cruises This Summer 3

On your journey, you will be provided with an itinerary of what destinations you will be heading towards and what you will get to do while you are there. Beginning in the city of romance, Venice, you will go across the other following locations:

  • Montenegro – full of beautiful sights in the gorgeous mountain backdrop
  • Corfu – amazing nature and spectacular sandy beaches
  • Athens – surrounded by Greek culture
  • Argostoli – the location of the ruins of a famous church
  • Cruising – a chance to take part in great onboard activities

With this brilliant line up of locations, you will come home with a head full of Greek culture and knowledge, and no doubt, you will have tried some amazing cuisine too!


Disney Cruise Line


We all know of Disney Land, but many don’t know about the Disney cruise. This is the perfect summer holiday for a family with children. The Disney cruise line can be explored through a number of different destinations and taken from a variety of ports. It is entirely up to you which Disney line you choose to go with, depending on which destination you wish to visit the most.

Overall, there is a choice of 4 ships with the Disney cruise. These include the Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder. Disney Cruise Line certainly has the word ‘family’ in mind as their programs and on-board facilities accommodate all passengers. It would be a mistake to dismiss the cruise thinking that it would be fully and only child-orientated – because it is not!

A Guide to the Best Cruises This Summer 4

Each bedroom on the ship is brilliantly designed, no matter what board option you choose, specifically to let the passengers relax and enjoy the journey. They even have swimming pools for both adults and children, and don’t worry, they are fully aware of your worries and staff members ensure that the children are safe.

It would not be a Disney journey without that magical element, and that is why they have incredible shops, art, photography facilities and gift shops for you to explore. You will be very impressed with the layout and interior design of the ship, as each room is created to perfection, all maintaining that Disney signature. The entertainment room itself is even set out like an exquisite ballroom with the addition of Prince Charming who tends to accompany you down the stairs!

In terms of location, the cruise can head to Alaska, the Bahamas or round Europe. If you visit the Bahamas, they have an exclusive area for Disney tourists called ‘Castaway Cay’, where you can participate in a range of water activities.


These 3 cruises should give a fantastic range for people with all interests. You can find many most cruises with the right research. Remember, there is a cruise for everyone!


Do you like this post? What other cruises can you recommend? Let us know in the comments section.

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This post was written by Rachel Jensen on behalf of Cruise Nation, the cruise specialists.

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