A Short Holiday for Valentines

A Short Holiday for ValentinesCouples enjoying merrily under a waterfall in Ghana – Photo Courtesy: Nora Morgan

A short piece with some simple ideas on how to take your partner away for a day or two and what to arrange to really get the most romance out of the short break as possible.

How better to spend the most romantic night of the year than with a short trip abroad to a place where there is sea, sun and sand guaranteed and a whole host of waiters that will be able to wait at your partner’s every need. But before you start dreaming of this idyllic setting, you need to plan exactly how you intend to impress the lady for Valentines Day.

How to tell her


Planning holidays as a surprise is one of the highest pressure jobs to do without any help, so try and enlist the help and support of her family and friends. As she will want to have all of her best clothes packed and ready and doing that yourself is sure to end you up in the dog house before you even left.

The other option is to tell her everything; tell her you have booked a weekend away, maybe not where, and just tell her to pack for warm weather. The element of surprise may be ruined but at least you can be sure that she will have all the correct clothes and be ready.

If you go with the second option then you are going to have to go the extra mile to make sure you impress the lady. This can be with a private meal hosted on a beach far away from anyone using the enlisted help of some of the locals, and perhaps the hotel will be able to help you with arranging such a special meal as this. Hiring the help of a chef to prepare a meal special, then paying a waiter to come and serve your private table is sure to be one of the romantic gestures she has ever experienced, and a private meal on a beach with your own waiter is sure to cost you less than a typical dinner in a top end London restaurant.

The Ghanaian people are a perfectly romantic bunch and, in my opinion, will be extremely interested in the idea of helping you arrange this.

You don’t need to go on holiday for weeks, but a romantic 3 days full of activity, swimming and enjoying the heat together is sure to be enough to put the spark in any romance.

Cheaper alternative


Whilst this type of romantic break away might not suit everyone’s tastes or bank balance there are many other options that you can enjoy to spend some romantic time with each other. Instead of a meal out, why not enjoy a spa day break at one of the many clinics around the country. This isn’t just a solo activity as many will do couples massages that are relaxing and romantic, despite having another pair of hands all over you that might not be your partner’s.

Either way, the key to scoring valuable points at Valentines is treating the girls like a princess, (or queen if married) and by then you will surely be in the good books.

John is a copy writer who has been working on behalf of The Sanctuary Spa Days that sell perfect gifts for mothers day.

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