Coorg Tourism – Discover the Gems of Nature

Beautiful Hill Station Coorg (Kodagu), Karnataka, India - "Bliss" according to photographer Nikhil Verma India is famous for its lush greenery and beautiful places; among those beautiful places resides a serene & exotic hill station called Coorg. This hill station is one of India and Karnataka’s most sought after destinations. Coorg is aptly known as ‘Scotland of India’ for its lush valleys, forests, hazy hills, tea estates, coffee plantations, lofty peaks, fast flowing streams and orange … [Read more...]

Famous Temples to Visit from Mumbai Tourism

Above: "Offering to the Gods" - Jayashri Desai-Mehta, originally from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, outside The Mahalaxmi Temple in Mumbai, during a religious trip to India. About the "offering" she is holding in her hands, she says, "Bought coconuts, lotus, and flowers before walking up to the Mahalaxmi Mandir in Mumbai to make an offering to Laxmi Ma (Mother Laxmi). It's said that if your Rupee sticks to the back of the mandir wall, you will be blessed with good luck and fortune. Mine did!!! :)". … [Read more...]

Captivating Beaches in South Goa

A beautiful beach in South Goa, India - Photo Courtesy: Wonker In terms of beauty and serenity, most of the times, the beaches in South Goa emerge as a far cry from the ones in North Goa. The reason is pretty simple. By and large, the tourist crowds are thicker in North Goa as most visitors identify Goa with North Goa. While North Goa has seen its share of development, the commercialisation here has worked in a different way. For instance, quite a few tracts of South Goan beaches are part of 5 … [Read more...]

Nightlife – Another Lifeline of Goa Tourism

Happy couples enjoying nightlife in Goa, India - Photo Courtesy: Jason Varghese An electrifying nightlife has definitely played its role in the growing popularity of Goa tourism. In fact, besides its gleaming pristine beaches and other aspects of wonderful scenic beauty, Goa is well known for its party culture in India as well as outside the country. This roaring nightlife owes its origins to centuries of liberal happy-go-lucky Portuguese colonial rule as well as the 1960s and 1970s, when Goa … [Read more...]