5 Cultural Festival Alias Romantic Getaways

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Photo Courtesy: Rodrigo Soldon Most countries have their unique festivals and events that can be an unforgettable experience for the tourists and tempt them to relive this experience again and again. Festivals provide the travelers an opportunity to learn more about the culture and tradition of a country by partaking in them. However, for the more fun loving and adventurous, festivals are a great excuse to not only learn about the culture but also enjoy and … [Read more...]

Romance in the Maldives

Adaaran Prestige Vadoo, Maldives If you are planning a romantic vacation and are longing for the perfect retreat, then the Maldives may just be the destination for you. Famous for white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and a sense of tranquillity, the Maldives are made up of 1,190 islands in the Indian Ocean, of which only 200 are inhabited. Perfect for those who want to escape the tourist traps and enjoy peace and tranquillity, the Maldives is famous for crystal clear waters and dazzling … [Read more...]

London – The Ultimate Romantic Getaway

Bridges of London and the Shard. In Blue. Photo Courtesy: Dimitry B.   London is a truly magnificent destination to visit on your vacation in Europe due to its sprawling metropolis with world class art galleries, museums, extensive subway systems and famous sites.   Some of these romantic attractions include:   St James's Park   St James' Park, London - Photo Courtesy: Morgaine Located at the very heart of London. The park is a splendid setting for pomp and … [Read more...]

“If You Want to See Heaven on Earth, Come to Dubrovnik” – George Bernard Shaw

You have visited Paris, Venice or Santorini and now you are looking for another romantic place where you and your significant other can celebrate your love. Well, look no further! Come to Dubrovnik! George Bernard Shaw was right on target when he compared Dubrovnik to heaven. Located on the Adriatic Sea, the Dubrovnik Republic entered its golden age in the 16th century, at a time when the power and glory of the Venetian Empire was on the wane. In recent times, when Republic of Croatia … [Read more...]

Captivating Beaches in South Goa

A beautiful beach in South Goa, India - Photo Courtesy: Wonker In terms of beauty and serenity, most of the times, the beaches in South Goa emerge as a far cry from the ones in North Goa. The reason is pretty simple. By and large, the tourist crowds are thicker in North Goa as most visitors identify Goa with North Goa. While North Goa has seen its share of development, the commercialisation here has worked in a different way. For instance, quite a few tracts of South Goan beaches are part of 5 … [Read more...]

Fairytale Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Photo Courtesy: Veronica Miramontes   So your anniversary is coming up, and you want to surprise your wife in a romantic way? Don’t stress, because there are plenty of fairytale ideas for you to choose from.       1. Horse Carriage Ride   Carriage Ride at Kemah Boardwalk Kemah, Texas - Photo Courtesy: Kim Alaniz You have seen this in a lot of old-style movies, and you know that your wife would definitely love it. Then why not give her this experience … [Read more...]

Nightlife – Another Lifeline of Goa Tourism

Happy couples enjoying nightlife in Goa, India - Photo Courtesy: Jason Varghese An electrifying nightlife has definitely played its role in the growing popularity of Goa tourism. In fact, besides its gleaming pristine beaches and other aspects of wonderful scenic beauty, Goa is well known for its party culture in India as well as outside the country. This roaring nightlife owes its origins to centuries of liberal happy-go-lucky Portuguese colonial rule as well as the 1960s and 1970s, when Goa … [Read more...]

Interesting Performances In Australia You Shouldn’t Miss

Crowds at the 'Ferryathon' on Australia Day 2010 in Sydney - Photo Courtesy: Brian Giesen   When visiting Australia, you will realize that the place has a lot to offer to tourists of all age groups, and there is no way that one can feel bored there. Moreover, Australia has a lot of great performances for which people from all over the world travel, and book tickets in advance. These are splendid delights that every tourist must not miss.   1. Sydney Opera House   Sydney … [Read more...]

4 Trendy And Hip Suburbs That Break The Suburban Cliché

Chicago suburbs - The suburbs of chicago viewed from the John hancock obsevation deck at night with the lights on. Photo Courtesy: urbanfeel The suburbs, or ‘burbs’ as they are fondly known, draw up an image of white picket fenced homes and clean sidewalks, with children riding their cycles in the street, waiting to go bonkers when they hear the ice-cream truck approaching. Traditionally, that is what the suburbs have always been like. However, there are a few places that break free from the … [Read more...]

There’s Something For Everyone On Phillip Island – Go And See For Yourself!

Phillip Island beach - Photo Courtesy: Tamas Phillip Island is something of a national treasure for Australia. It’s a beautiful spot and many people are choosing it as the perfect getaway from normal life. It attracts Australian natives and travellers alike, and its area of 10,000 hectares means there’s plenty of space for everyone. At its widest point it measures a whopping 29 by 9 kilometres – pretty big for an island! The climate is mild, the landscape is flat and beautiful, housing 6000 … [Read more...]