Discover The Very Best Caribbean Resorts For a Couples Getaway

Discover The Very Best Caribbean Resorts For a Couples Getaway 1Photo Courtesy: Derek Hatfield

It is likely that most everyone has heard of the beautiful and inviting Caribbean as being an exceptional vacation destination. But what exactly is the Caribbean, and how do you know which Caribbean resorts are indeed the best for a truly special couples getaway? The Caribbean is a wide area of islands, cays and islets set in the stunningly attractive aquarium-like green-blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. From the Straits of Florida all the way to the South American continent, the Caribbean is a treasure that must not be missed. When traveling to this lovely escape destination, expect a largely tropical climate with varying degrees of rainfall.


Sights, Sounds and Aromas That Are The Caribbean


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The waters of the Caribbean are some of the most inspiring and breathtaking in the world with a host of sea life including sea turtles, migratory fish, and coral reefs. A few of the island nations that comprise this tropical paradise include the Cayman Islands, Barbados, Turks and Caicos, Saint Martin, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Antigua, as well as Bahamas to name just a few. Several exotic local dishes such as Crack Conch with Peas and Rice, Plantain, Crab and Dumpling, as well as Roasted Breadfruit and Fried Jackfish are common to the region. All of this wonderful food, along with the unique sights, sounds and aromas that comprise the Caribbean are within reach and are often reasonable and affordable in terms of price. In fact, there are usually a number of discounts and online coupons that are easy to locate on the Internet.


Experience Paradise to the Highest Degree


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Paradise indeed – Photo Courtesy: Mindaugas Danys

Once you have decided that the relaxation and tranquil peace of the Caribbean is what you desire it is then time to explore accommodation options that will make for a perfect getaway. A deserving couple seeking a much-needed vacation should look no further than the Caribbean. We have listed five of the most luxurious and relaxing Caribbean resorts for those looking to take the guesswork out of finding a resort with a proven track record that allows a couple to experience paradise to the highest degree. Get ready for a trip that will touch your senses and invigorate your soul – get ready for Caribbean resorts.


1. Tiamo Resort


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 First on our list of resort getaways is the Tiamo Resort located in the Bahamas that beckon you to come and relax. Situated on one of the more remote islands, this resort features just ten exclusive cottages, a Caribbean style fine dining establishment, a private beach, and an organic type spa. Tradewinds meander through your cottage as fresh organic fruit that is grown onsite is delivered to your cottage retreat. Snorkle, dive, and sail at Tiamo, a true remote getaway.


2. Bitter End Yacht Club


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Second on our resort list is the sea lovers’ paradise retreat known as Bitter End Yacht Club, located in Virgin Gorda. Getting to this resort involves taking a ferry from neighboring Tortola, making this resort all the more special. Facilities for private yachts are also available. This resort also features groupings of private and exclusive cottages. Stroll lush gardens, or walk the breathtaking waterfront while taking in the fresh Caribbean air. Fishing, kayaking, and scuba diving are all on the agenda at Bitter End Yacht Club.


3. Hotel Le Toiny


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Third on the list of resorts for a couples getaway is Hotel Le Toiny, located on St. Barths. This exclusive and luxurious resort is spread over 38 acres and features a number of private bungalows with stunning ocean views. Take in the sights, go golfing, play a game of tennis, or just relax by the pool at Hotel Le Toiny. The Caribbean is calling with this exceptional resort.


4. Nisbet Plantation Beach Club


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Fourth is the Nisbet Plantation Beach Club located in Nevis. Featuring a colonial style appeal this resort is comprised of 36 exclusive cottages with a old-world Caribbean look. Wicker furniture and soft colors, along with cool Caribbean breezes set the tone for a true Caribbean getaway. Walk the crystal white sand beaches, rest and relax in a hammock strung between two trees, or experience the full service spa treatment at Palms Spa.


5. The Caves


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Finally, last but in no way least on the list of exclusive Caribbean resorts is the unique and memorable resort known as The Caves. Located in Jamaica, The Caves is a once-in-a-life-time experience that will provide memories that will indeed last a lifetime. Built into limestone cliffs on the western part of Jamaica, this exclusive and awe-inspiring resort is 10 full acres of true paradise. Amenities include a saltwater pool, an exclusive spa, and a limited number of cottages and villas. Water views from amazing cliffs make for magical photo ops and interesting conversation.


Recharge and Rekindle


These are five of the most exclusive and relaxing resorts that the Caribbean has to offer, and are certain to deliver an unmatched couples getaway. Couples who enjoy seclusion and privacy will be well advised to learn more about these five unique and special resorts. Everyone should experience the Caribbean at least once in their lifetime. We live in a very busy world and taking the time to get away to the Caribbean can recharge the life energy in an individual as well as rekindle a couple’s relationship. Discover the Caribbean today.


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