Don’t Forget These 10 Items on Your Romantic Getaways

Don't Forget These 10 Items on Your Romantic Getaways 1

There are zillions of sites and checklists to help you pack, but for romantic getaways, you might consider these extras:

1)      iPod plus decent speakers-Nowadays, this is super simple. When my husband and I first got married, it took some serious effort…packing CDs, a CD player and some computer speakers we took from home. Now, you just need an iPod or other MP3 player and you can often forgo the speakers.

2)      Candles-Ignite your getaway with candles. Nothing sets the mood quite like candles. The scent, the light…wonderful! Perhaps the two of you can select a favorite aroma that you only light up on your romantic getaway! Don’t forget the matches!


Don't Forget These 10 Items on Your Romantic Getaways 23)      Wine, bottle opener, and proper stemware-Okay, so it doesn’t have to be wine, it could be sparkling cider or your favorite root beer! Taking the time and thought to include the “extras” like nice wine glasses (or root beer mugs) really does speak volumes to your love. Plus, it’s just not romantic to drink wine from plastic cups!



4)      Foaming Bath Oil-If your room has a nice tub, bringing something to soak in is really a nice touch. There are lots of scents and aromas in every price range.

5)      Blanket-If you’ll be outside, a blanket is so nice. Sitting on a nice blanket makes stargazing so much more comfortable! You can use it to sit on or cuddle under. My favorite blanket is from Thirty One. It’s soft on one side and waterproof on the other. You can even have a special romantic message embroidered on it. (And no, I don’t sell Thirty-One products).

6)      Attractive Pajamas-Maybe you wear a ratty old sweatshirt to bed at home, but on your romantic getaway, be sure to stow something lovely in your suitcase.


Don't Forget These 10 Items on Your Romantic Getaways 3


7)      Decadent desserts-Some lovely sweets for your sweet is another thoughtful touch. Chocolate dipped strawberries, anyone?





Don't Forget These 10 Items on Your Romantic Getaways 4

8)      Rose petals-You can often pick these up for free or at a very low cost at your local florist. They don’t need to be in great shape, but they make a delightful touch to sprinkle in the bathtub or over your bed or even on the floor.


9)      Thoughtful touches-I love flavored creamer in my coffee. When my husband packs that for me, it warms my heart. What thoughtful touch can you secretly bring to surprise your love? Does your husband have a favorite action flick you can watch together? Does your wife have a favorite magazine she rarely allows herself to buy? These inexpensive items are such powerful reminders of your thoughtfulness.

For hanky-panky, you are on your own, but do you have any other suggestions of what to pack for a romantic getaway? What’s #10? 

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