Fairytale Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Fairytale Anniversary Celebration Ideas 1Photo Courtesy: Veronica Miramontes


So your anniversary is coming up, and you want to surprise your wife in a romantic way?

Don’t stress, because there are plenty of fairytale ideas for you to choose from.




1. Horse Carriage Ride


Fairytale Anniversary Celebration Ideas 2Carriage Ride at Kemah Boardwalk Kemah, Texas – Photo Courtesy: Kim Alaniz

You have seen this in a lot of old-style movies, and you know that your wife would definitely love it. Then why not give her this experience on your anniversary day? Book one classic horse carriage, and take her for a tour of the city in the middle of the night, after a romantic dinner. You can have romantic conversations and enjoy precious moments of bonding during the ride, as you travel across beautiful sights in your city at night.


2. Dinner On A Yacht


Fairytale Anniversary Celebration Ideas 3A private yacht on a subtropical island, near Paihia, New Zealand – Photo Courtesy: Matt Lemmon

Go all lavish on your anniversary, and take your wife for a grand dinner on a private yacht. Enjoy intimate and private moments on sea, as you can stretch your dinner into a night-stay in the yacht, returning to land only the next day. This is going to be one of the most beautiful gifts that you can ever give to your wife.


3. Make The World Dance


Fairytale Anniversary Celebration Ideas 4

Dancers in the air – Photo Courtesy: Gabriel Saldana


Book a theatre or auditorium, and hire a group of performers to put up a private show for you and your wife. Try to keep this performance on a romantic theme. And if you feel like being creative, write your own script, featuring details from your own married or dating life, and ask the performers to work accordingly. She will fondly remember this loving gesture forever.


4. Weekend On A Private Island


Fairytale Anniversary Celebration Ideas 5Gallinara Island – La Gallinara is a privately owned island on the coast of Albenga and Alassio, Italy, 1.5 miles away from the beach . There is a former monastary from Benedictinian monk on the island , as well as a watch tower of roman origin and a little chappel , which has been built to honour Saint Martin. In world war 2 , almost 2000 German soldiers were stationed on the island . They built 16 km of tunnel system underground on the island , which can still be seen today. Photo & Information Courtesy: Martina Rathgens

This is for those who want to go all-out on their anniversary. If the special day happens to be on a weekend, take her to a private island, where you can celebrate your bond together in a romantic and quiet setting. Add special boat rides, underwater trips and other things to make your weekend exciting and interesting.


5. Breakfast On A Hot Air Balloon


Start your anniversary with a romantic twist. Take your wife for a romantic breakfast on a hot-air balloon ride, where she can literally eat her meal up in the air. Give her a nice gift, and take along a small music player to play her favorite songs alongside. This will definitely keep her happy and feeling pampered throughout the day.


Fairytale Anniversary Celebration Ideas 6


Of course, you can customize all these ideas as per your own tastes and preferences. These ideas are also great for those who are celebrating their dating anniversary, and wish to propose for marriage on the same day. Try to converse more with your woman at least a month prior to the special date to understand what her fantasies are like, and what she might like on her anniversary day. Then prepare accordingly and surprise her.

Most of these ideas are easy to execute anywhere in the world, but sometimes you might have to go to a neighboring city or country, in case something can’t be done in your own area. So plan accordingly, and have a great anniversary day. Give her a fairytale experience that every girl dreams of.


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