How to Plan the Perfect Vacation in Costa Rica

How to Plan the Perfect Vacation in Costa Rica 1

Costa Rica is ranked as one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world with more than a million people visiting each year. People from around the world come to this rich coast to take pleasure in the many activities and things to do. From seeing breathtaking volcanoes to relaxing on the tropical beaches, walking through beautiful rain forests and meeting the diverse wildlife creatures, Costa Rica offers something for everyone.

If you’re ready to book your Costa Rica vacation, below are important steps to help you prepare for your vacation and have the best time possible.


Set a Date and Arrange for Travel


How to Plan the Perfect Vacation in Costa Rica 2 - CalendarYou should select a date well in advance to ensure you and those traveling with you can take off from work, arrange your travel needs and have time to save money. What’s great about Costa Rica is that it offers year-long warm and sunny weather, so you really can’t go wrong on the date you choose! Just make sure it fits your personal schedule. In order to get the best travel deal, it’s best to shop around. You can easily compare prices online and view the different travel companies. Also, talk to friends and family members about travel services they used that were decently priced.


Choose Where to Stay


How to Plan the Perfect Vacation in Costa Rica 3

Don’t be quick to choose where to stay at. Instead, shop around and check out different hotels and rental homes to find one that offers you the best deal. You can conveniently search online for affordable Costa Rica homes for rent as well as hotels to stay at. Be sure to research each and choose which fits your budget and offers you the most for your money.  In addition, you can shop online for travel package deals in which you can stay at a hotel and they offer you different activities to do.


Create Your Costa Rica Activities List


Watch an Active Volcano


How to Plan the Perfect Vacation in Costa Rica 4 - Volcano Arenal

To ensure you get the most out of your Costa Rica vacation, create an activities list. What do you and/or your family members want to do while on vacation? If it’s an explosion you’re waiting to see, you can visit one of the several volcanoes. The Poás Volcano, located in the Central Highlands of Costa Rica, is one of Costa Rica’s largest and most active volcanoes, rising up to 8,885 feet. What an explosion! Other active volcanoes in the Central Highlands include the Irazú Volcano, which is the tallest in the country, Arenal Volcano (pictured above) and the well-known Turrialba Volcano. You can also set out to the Guanacaste region for other active volcanoes.


Take a Canopy Tour in the Rainforest


How to Plan the Perfect Vacation in Costa Rica 5 - Canopy Tour

Girl taking a Canopy Tour (left) and the amazing view that she gets to see (right)

You can also make your way into the rainforest and meet the diverse wildlife creatures that call Costa Rica their home. To make your forest arrival more exciting, why not experience a canopy tour? You can zip-line through the forest and see the many wildlife creatures including monkeys, toucans, sloths and many others. You can also see the unique flowers and plants that give the rainforest its beautiful appearance.


Adventures along the Costa Rica Shoreline


How to Plan the Perfect Vacation in Costa Rica 6 - Costa Rica Surfing

Of course, you can always spend your day soaking up the sun and wiggling your toes in the sand at one of the many beaches – after all, you have more than 750 miles of shoreline. You can also step into the water and catch a wave on your surf board. If you want to step deeper into the water, why not go scuba diving? While underwater you can meet firsthand the sea creatures of Costa Rica as well as see the coral reef that lies deep in the waters. If you want to stay above waters, but experience a thrill, you can get your adrenaline up with whitewater rafting. If you want an above water experience that’s a little calmer, you can spend the day kayaking or cast a reel and make a catch.


Enjoy the Nightlife


How to Plan the Perfect Vacation in Costa Rica 7 - Beach Club Party

A Beach Club Party in Costa Rica – Fun All Around

No vacation is complete without a taste of good dining. Whether it’s seafood you’re craving, a juicy steak or Spanish food, you have an array of restaurants to choose from. But, don’t let your day end at dinner. Stay afterwards and experience the nightlife of Costa Rica with the many clubs and bars where you can enjoy a good drink and dance to music, or grab the microphone and sing karaoke.

The activities and things to do in Costa Rica are endless. You may want to set a day aside just to make a list of all the activities you want to do while on vacation!


Have a Budget


How to Plan the Perfect Vacation in Costa Rica 8Lastly, and most importantly, because there are so many activities and things to do in Costa Rica, you must create a budget. Take into account travel accommodations, hotel costs, activity costs and dining expenses. A budget will help you configure how much everything will cost and will prevent you from overspending.

Following these steps will help you not only prepare for your Costa Rica vacation, but also experience an unforgettable vacation. Plan your Costa Rica vacation today!

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