Keep Your Children Safe This Holiday

Keep Your Children Safe This Holiday 1Always keep an eye on kids while on a holiday – Photo Courtesy: GollyGForce

Holidays are a magical time of the year, especially if you have a young family. Kids can make the holiday a real fun event, but we need to ensure that they come to no harm. We all remember that sad event when the young girl went missing from her parents’ holiday home. It was a million to one incident and the poor child was never found.  But there are everyday day issues that you need to watch out for, especially if you are going abroad this year.

Let’s have a look at how you can safeguard you kids and ensure you have an awesome holiday at the same time.


Poolside Safety


Keep Your Children Safe This Holiday 2 Hailey, Zoe, Mazzy – Fun Time. Photo Courtesy: Melia Shumaker

We all love to kick back and relax on holiday, and the pool area is usually the prime spot for this lovely non-activity. It can be difficult to keep an eye on your little ones, especially when the swimming pool is busy. Just ensure that either you or your partner is always keeping an eye on your kids. If one of you needs a nap, take it in turns to keep watch. You can always join in the fun and take part in their games.


Beach Safety


Keep Your Children Safe This Holiday 3Photo Courtesy: Elliott Brown

The beach is another wonderful place to let it all ‘hang out’ for a few hours; however, just ensure that your kids do not wander too far. If the beach is busy, let your kids know the boundaries and explain that they should not go beyond a certain distance. Always keep an eye on them and do not let them get into deep water. Even if the beach has an active lifeguard, do not let them slip out of your site.


Eating Out


No matter how tempting it may seem, you should never leave your kids alone in the room when you go out for a meal. You can either take advantage of any childcare facilities, or ask another couple to help out. In both cases, you should be one hundred per cent confident in the carer’s ability. (Note of caution: Do not ask a couple that you have just met and expect them to do the right thing.)

Many families take holidays together and this is one of the benefits. You could always take your kids with you; there are many child friendly options and they may even enjoy the experience!


Get Lost!


Losing your kids is every parent’s nightmare and it happens quite often. Ensure your kids have you and your partner’s full names and contact details at all times. Arrange for them to go to a pre-determined meeting point if you ever get separated.


Room Safety


Keep Your Children Safe This Holiday 4Photo Courtesy: Suzette Pauwels

If you have little ones that tend to investigate everything in the area, it is a wise idea to avoid a room with a balcony. Check where the fire escapes are in advance, just in case an emergency should occur. Bring your own carbon monoxide detector with you if you are worried about leaks. When you get to your hotel room or holiday villa, just ensure you make a quick sweep and remove any potential dangerous items, including knives and glass ornaments. Low coffee tables with pointy edges should also be moved away.


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