Make-up and Skin Care Tips for Long Haul Flights

Make-up and Skin Care Tips for Long Haul Flights 1 - airplane-etiquette-manners

Long haul flights and traveling for long periods of time can leave their mark – and if you’re jetting away with that special someone, the last thing you want is to look tired and drained. Just because you’re traveling it doesn’t mean your looks have to suffer! Many of us are jetting off on exotic honeymoons – and whilst this is great – it does mean we sacrifice looking glamorous and gorgeous the whole way!


Look fresh and composed when you step off that plane, with these following tips to keep you on the straight and narrow:


  • Pack make-up wipes! Packing some cotton buds or make-up remover pads when wearing eye make up is essential- no one wants to wake up from a nap with panda eyes. Foundation also dries out your skin, and sleeping in it can be really important!
  • Pack moisturizer – your skin can become really dry during long haul flights as the low humidity has a dehydrating effect on our skin. Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream delivers great results, relieving dry and chapped skin to produce a fresher faced look!
  • Sleep! The dehydrating effect from flying is linked to fatigue, so make sure to keep a watchful eye on those dark rings under your eyes by catching a nap. Use a pair of ear plugs to block out the surrounding sound.
  • Contact lens wearers should steer clear of wearing their contact lenses on the flight. Your eyes will become dry; you don’t want to end up with bloodshot eyes or teary eyed.
  • Use tinted moisturizer instead of foundation! Foundation is quite heavy on your skin, whereas tinted moisturizer is a light alternative whilst also giving your skin the much-needed extra moisturizer whilst flying.
  • Use a white eyeliner pencil to contour tired eyes and brows in pursuit of a more “wide-awake” look.
  • Drink plenty of water and keep hydrated! Drinking lots of water is really good for your skin.
  • Use deep, moisture enriched conditioning hair mask on your hair the night before your flight. Leave it on whilst you sleep to give your hair the extra shot of moisture it needs.
  • Lip balms are a godsend as they don’t count as liquids, so don’t warrant any of that hassle and fuss you have with liquids, when going through airport security. Lips can become really dry, particularly in low humidity.
  • Fake a good night’s sleep with concealer, disguise those dark rings and look well rested.
  • Tidy up brows with eye brow pencil, to achieve a more polished look!
  • Don’t trust the lighting in planes, so hold off bright make up until you get to the airport toilet. In the mean time, stick to neutral and understated tones of eye shadow, if any at all. Avoid trying to apply dark eye liner, as it will be extremely difficult to keep a steady hand.


Elle-Rose Williams



Elle works for No.1 Traveller lounges Heathrow and CS Bedford who ensure you get your flight off to a great start! She is a big traveler and a keen photographer. Her writings are friendly, fun and informative.

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