Questions to Ask When Planning Couple Getaways

Questions to Ask When Planning Couple Getaways

When planning couple getaways, it’s important to ask yourselves lots and lots of questions to make your getaway as special and memorable as possible.

The first step in planning couple getaways is to consider what the two of you enjoy. Do you like to snuggle up and watch a movie in bed? Do you enjoy quiet conversation by a roaring fire? Do you like communing with nature on a nice long hike? Or perhaps a little time on a sandy beach is more your style.

The next step is to determine what your goal is for this getaway. Do the two of you need to talk through an upcoming transition like a new baby, moving or changing jobs? Do each of you need time to de-stress after a super busy period at work? Have you simply lost that loving feeling? Or, do you have kids and any time is a great time for a getaway? Couples often plan a getaway with no shared goal in mind. If one just wants to relax and the other wants to discuss something big, disaster can strike. You don’t need an official agenda, but maybe just a simple conversation like, “What are you hoping to get out of this weekend?”

Budget can be a huge factor when planning a getaway. Are you a couple that would prefer and short but luxurious getaway? Would you prefer a cheap getaway, but perhaps be away for a longer time? When you sketch out your budget remember to include the cost of your accommodations, your transportation to and from your getaway, meals, entertainment, and parking.

The final set of questions to ask are related to where you’ll lay your head at night. Would you like to spend your time at an activity filled resort? Do you prefer a quiet bed and breakfast with the opportunity to meet new people? Would a hotel fit your needs? For added seclusion, perhaps you’d like to rent a cabin or cottage.

By working through these questions, you and your love will be ready to set out on your getaway. Perhaps after answering these questions you’ll have ideas to plan many future couple getaways!

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