Romantic Holidays for Couples in Cyprus


Romantic Holidays for Couples in Cyprus

The island of Cyprus is home to a large number of historical landmarks and cultural attractions, but there is also plenty to create romantic atmosphere for couples on romantic getaways to Cyprus. As the third largest island in the entire Mediterranean, it should come as no surprise that there are thousands of private places to explore as a couple, beaches to share intimate moments and restaurants offering private candlelight dinners. For a romantic holiday to Cyprus, use this as your guide for accommodations, dining, nightlife and attractions that will appeal to couples.

Romantic Accommodations:


With hundreds of different hotels and resorts on the island, couples will have plenty of options when it comes to choosing accommodation on Cyprus. For a more private location, avoid the heavily concentrated tourist area of Ayia Napa, opting instead for a quieter destination. For the ultimate romantic getaway, consider renting private villas in Cyprus. These can range from small houses in the Troodos Mountains or even large beach-side villas, depending on your budget for the trip. This is often more romantic that a sterile and busy chain hotel.

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Image Courtesy: Iacovos Constantinou

The photo above shows a romantic couple in Protaras, Ayia Napa, Cyprus.

Romantic Dining:


When dining in Cyprus as a couple, try to avoid the larger international restaurants and seek out the more intimate local establishments. These will typically be less crowded, serve more authentic fare and often even cost less. Try to find a restaurant serving meze, which are small plates of food similar to tapas. Order half a dozen plates to share with your partner, which provides the opportunity to share meals and try some of the most authentic local foods.


Romantic Nightlife:


After dinner, there is no shortage of fun ways to spend the evening with your loved one. The beaches are typically very safe in Cyprus, meaning a night stroll on the sand is a great activity. Other options include many bars and lounges on Larnaca-Dhekelia Road, which can be less busy than the vibrant clubs. Find a booth and sip a nightcap with your loved one at one of these watering holes.


Romantic Attractions:


Cyprus is known for its many historical and cultural attractions, as well as beautiful beaches that can be ideal for a romantic couple on a getaway. Visit the charming old village of Lefkara, where many of the churches are nearly one thousand years old. Stroll hand in hand through the trails around the village and imagine what life was like in centuries past. Beach lovers will want to head straight to the sandy shores of Limassol, where a few minutes’ walk can get you away from the crowds and into a private spot. The island of Cyprus is also home to several wineries offering private tours and even overnight stays for couples.

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Image Courtesy: Son of Groucho

The photo above shows a honeymoon couple sneaking a kiss at the Kaledonia Falls in the Troodos Mountains, Cyprus.

Holidays in Cyprus:


This Mediterranean Island is the ideal place to come for a romantic getaway at any time of year, but it is particularly enjoyable for special occasions like Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays or even Valentine’s Day. Make the most of these special days with your loved one with a romantic getaway to a place like Cyprus.


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