Six Tips for Visiting Las Vegas on the Cheap

Six Tips for Visiting Las Vegas on the Cheap 1Viva Las Vegas! – Photo Courtesy: odonata98

Las Vegas is a city that everyone should visit at least once. It’s arguably not the wisest choice if you’re looking for somewhere to live but in terms of sheer hedonism, it’s one of the most exciting tourist destinations on the planet.

Unfortunately however, if you don’t know you’re way around, it can also be pretty damn expensive. And that’s not even counting what you lose on the Blackjack tables. Should you be looking to experience this amazing city on a tight budget, here are six simple tips for doing just that.


1. Enjoy a Night Out(side)


Six Tips for Visiting Las Vegas on the Cheap 2Above: A happy couple, Elena and Goyo enjoy their drink outdoors in Las Vegas. Photo Courtesy: Mario Antonio Pena Zapatería

If you want to have a few drinks without blowing your budget, take full advantage of the fact that it’s perfectly legal to drink outdoors in Las Vegas. Though doing so mightn’t be much fun in most cities, Las Vegas is a completely different animal. Lively streets, ridiculous light displays and the beautiful climate make drinking on the streets a popular activity among both tourists and locals.


2. Take Full Advantage of Coupons


Six Tips for Visiting Las Vegas on the Cheap 3

Coupons for Challenge Casino at Hooters Hotel, Las Vegas – Photo Courtesy: inazakira

No article about visiting Las Vegas on the cheap would be complete without a mention of coupons. Coupon books are widely available and they offer substantial discounts on everything from dining to entertainment. Search online for printable coupons before you go and ask at your hotels front desk when you arrive.


3. Eat Exclusively at Buffets


Six Tips for Visiting Las Vegas on the Cheap 4

MGM Grand Buffet, Las Vegas – Photo Courtesy: Calgary Reviews

If you want to keep your food costs to a minimum, take full advantage of the cities ample all you can eat buffets. Not only are they surprisingly cheap, many of them are surprisingly high quality. Time your visits correctly and you can easily limit those visits to twice a day. Just don’t be afraid to take full advantage of their all you can eat nature.


4. Be Smart About Taxis


Six Tips for Visiting Las Vegas on the Cheap 5

Photo Courtesy: Ben Fredericson


Like anywhere else with ample tourists, there are plenty of taxi drivers in Las Vegas who are more than happy to take advantage of ignorance. Never get into a taxi without knowing where you are, where you are going and the optimal route for getting there. If you don’t have access to such information, always agree on a price beforehand.



5. Be Flexible About Hotels


It is possible to find fantastic value accommodation in Las Vegas but it does require a little bit of flexibility.

  • If at all possible, visit midweek. Regardless of the time of year that you plan on heading to Las Vegas, you will pay significantly less by avoiding the weekend.
  • Provided you’re not too picky about where you stay, book your hotel no more than a few days prior to your arrival date. When hotels expect to have too many vacant rooms, prices tend to plummet.
  • You’re not going to Las Vegas to sit around your hotel room all day, separate rooms are therefore completely unnecessary. The more people you can pack into one room, the less you can expect to pay.


6. Don’t Gamble (Much)


Finally, if you want to enjoy your time in this dazzling city without blowing your budget, you need to keep your gambling to a minimum. A few dollars here and there is all part of the fun but set a small limit and stick to it.


Six Tips for Visiting Las Vegas on the Cheap 6

Photo Courtesy: fictures

The cities casinos have turned fleecing tourists into an art form. Don’t allow yourself to get sucked in by the lights, the noise and the distinct lack of clocks.


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