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Top Ten Tips for Cheap Honeymoon Ideas 1

Did you know the average cost of a wedding is well over $20,000? That’s the AVERAGE, meaning some are much higher and some are lower! After shelling out those bucks, you might think your honeymoon will consist of a lovely weekend under the overpass of your nearest freeway.

Fear not, CoupleGetaway readers! We are here to rescue your honeymoon with some fabulous suggestions to plan a cheap honeymoon that still promises romance and fun.

1.  Travel in the Off Season

Many ski resorts offer fabulous summer getaways at a fraction of their typical high season rate. In many warm weather locales, the sky is still blue, but instead of 85 degree days, it’s only 75. For a northwest girl, that sounds just fine! Another benefit of traveling in the off season is the area will be less crowded. Check to see if any of the amenities will be closed or if lots of sights will be shutdown. Some owners do their own traveling during the off season in their area.

2. Consider the Shoulder Season, Too.

The shoulder season is the time frame between the high season and the low season. The prices are not as low as the off season, but you typically get all the benefits. At a ski resort, the shoulder season would likely be spring when the slopes have snow, but maybe a few of the runs are closed. In some warm weather climates, the off season might be hurricane season. The shoulder season would be before or after that time hits, but close enough to have more rain than in high season.

3. Honeymoon Registry

In today’s society, couples are often older and have already established two separate households before getting married. Moving in together often means paring down belonging instead of feathering your nest. If that’s your situation, perhaps you can have a honeymoon registry instead of a wedding registry! No need for china you’ll never use or yet another crystal bowl. Your guests can register to give you the gift of one night’s accommodations in a suite or one thrilling excursion of swimming with dolphins. You simply pick out your trip and the extras you’d like and then your guests can select one item to pay for. It’s less generic than giving cash, but the giver still knows they are giving you something you really want.

4. The Gift of Timeshares

Someone in your circle of friends or relatives likely has a timeshare. Typically, time share resorts are top notch with plenty of amenities. Since these travel weeks come around every year, there’s a good chance someone will have a week they aren’t able to use. If you get the word out, you might be surprised with a free or cheap week at a timeshare!

5. Stay Local

Since you won’t have to pay for airfare, transportation to and from the airports, etc., a local stay has definite advantages! For the same price of staying in a tiny room at a far flung motor inn, you might be able to afford a luxury suite just an hour away from home or lengthen your honeymoon at a moderately priced location. If the close proximity of wedding guests makes you nervous, tell them you are jetting off somewhere then quietly hop in your car and off you go!

Top Ten Tips for Cheap Honeymoon Ideas 2

6. Shorten Your Stay

By shortening the length of your honeymoon, you might be able to afford a more luxurious locale. Instead of 7 days, consider 5 but arrive in the morning and depart at night. By saving money on the two night’s hotel room, maybe you can upgrade your accommodations for the rest of your stay or select a location that would be out of your budget otherwise.

7. Go Camping

For gorgeous scenery and solitude, nothing beats camping. Check out the Forest Service in your area to find very low-cost camping. Look into campgrounds, too, but know you’ll be closer to your neighbor. Many campgrounds have cabins or yurts that are far less expensive than hotels. Make sure you have the right equipment (borrow from a friend or add it to you wedding registry) and have a blast!

8. Stay with Family

Now, before you report me to the Honeymoon Authorities, hear me out. I’m not talking about staying in your mother-in-law’s basement. If you and your groom have family living in a desirable location, at least consider the stay. Perhaps you can utilize their home as the base of your vacation. See the sights during the day while your hosts are at work. Go out to romantic dinners with just the two of you. I would recommend spending at least one night in a hotel in close proximity, but the savings for the rest of the week will have a huge impact on your budget. WARNING-If this is an option you’d like to mull over, very carefully consider the family. If it’s Great Aunt Bertha who would likely spend the entire trip sharing memories of the good ol’ days and giving you detailed descriptions of each and every tchotchke she owns, a night at the local Motel 6 might be a better option.

9. Last Minute Honeymoons

If you have a sense of adventure and can be very flexible, you can get a last minute deal. Check out Kayak’s Last Minute Deals. By checking frequently before hand, you can get a good idea of general prices and locations. Don’t be surprised if fabulous cheap honeymoon packages pop up at the last minute. Who knows where this might lead?

10. Do Your Honeymoon Homework

Utilize websites like Yapta, which tracks flights and alerts you if prices drop. Check out FareCast to find the cheapest time to fly or when airline tickets go on sale. Set up a free email account for the sole purpose of signing up for deals, offers and specials. Sign up for every one you can find. Sign up for some you think might be out of your league. You never know when they’ll have a screamin’ deal that fits right into your budget.

Like marriage, planning your honeymoon is all about compromise. Do you want the cheapest honeymoon possible or are you just hoping to shave a bit off your budget? Use one tip, two tips or use them all. Plan the trip of your life without blowing your life’s savings. Enjoy!


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