Top Tips From A Local For Travellers Visiting London

Top Tips From A Local For Travellers Visiting London 1The majestic London Eye Ferris Wheel on River Thames, London – Photo Courtesy: Pixabay

When it comes to London, I have been on both sides of the equation. I’ve been the wide-eyed tourist when I was younger, thoroughly amazed by all the huge buildings and landmarks; and I’ve been the cynical resident who has lived there for years and come to love it despite the stresses that come from the London life.

It’s like going from the honeymoon period to real life with a long term partner – the love is still there, it just changes. And one of the things I find myself thinking now is that I wish I’d had some of the knowledge I have now, back then. If only I had known how to get the most out of London, how to avoid paying over the odds, and where all the little hidden gems were back when I was still in awe of the city and still much freer to explore as a visitor.

To help out the rest of you London tourists then, I present to you some of my top tips for making the most of London that you only learn from living here. This is how to save money, to see more and to ensure the whole thing goes as smoothly as butter.


Using the Tube


Top Tips From A Local For Travellers Visiting London 2

Photo Courtesy: Erin Faulkner


When you come to London, the most important tip is to learn to use the tube. Wherever you stay, make sure that there is a tube stop within easy walking distance and that way you’ll be able to get easily to any part of London you might want to visit. The most cost effective way to do this is by using a London travelcard every day (which gives you access to any station for that day), or if you’re staying there more than a few days, to get an Oyster Card which will earn you impressive savings and save you the long queues at the terminals. Avoid travelling on the weekdays in rush hour though, as it will be a nightmare and cost you more as well.

Another tip is that your Oyster/Travel cards can give you access to both the cable cars and the boats that run along the Thames – so this is a cheap way to catch a different view of London.


Nights Out


Top Tips From A Local For Travellers Visiting London 3

The London Eye at night – Photo Courtesy: Nuno Silva


Nights out in London can get expensive, but there are some good ways to enjoy them for cheaper. One is to make sure that you start early – this way you might be able to catch the last tube home and you’ll be able to benefit from the happy hour drinks offers.

Another is to start your night in a pub like Weatherspoons where you’ll pay considerably less than the snazzy bars. Finally, if you must get a cab home on the way back, make sure to call them rather than waiting at a taxi rank. You’ll pay considerably less. If you want a great night then visit Covent Garden and go to Adventure Bar, Foundations or Road House.


Free Activities


Top Tips From A Local For Travellers Visiting London 4

The British Library, London – Photo Courtesy: Ian Patterson


While visiting London can get expensive, there are plenty of great things to there for free. My favourites include the British Library (highly underrated), the various museums (the science museum in particular), the art galleries and just exploring the parks and along the Thames.


Amy Sawyer is a freelance writer based in the UK. She just loves the city of London and considers it as the best city in the world. For first timers, the city can be a revetting experience. Other than London, she loves Paris and is specially impressed with the service provided by Alamo car hire in France in the French capital.

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