Travel to Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Travel to Fort Lauderdale, Florida 1A Beach Strip in Fort Lauderdale – Photo Courtesy: Zach Klein

When planning your honeymoon, you want one of the most peaceful, lovely and romantic places imaginable. Rather than traveling to some far-flung location and spending too much money, have the same experience by visiting Fort Lauderdale, Florida. With its sandy beaches, tall palm trees, clean, clear water and plenty of places for romantic interludes, Fort Lauderdale is all you need for a honeymoon to remember.


A Great Place to Stay


Travel to Fort Lauderdale, Florida 2Hotels along the beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Photo Courtesy: Chris Gosselin

The first step to a romantic Fort Lauderdale honeymoon is to find a great place to stay. In fact, some of the most romantic hotels in the United States are found along the oceanfront in Fort Lauderdale. Stay a spell at the Atlantic Spa and Resort, Ocean Fort Lauderdale, Pelican Grand Beach Resort or one of the city’s many other top quality options. Take advantage of spa treatments with your new spouse and relax together in the lap of luxury.


Exciting Gondola Ride


Activities can also bring an overall sense of relaxation and romance. One of the most popular activities for couples is a gondola ride. Call ahead and have the service meet you at a designated location with its authentic Italian gondola, then climb aboard for a ride for two along the water. A gondola ride will take you in spirit to the incredibly romantic locale of Venice, Italy, as you skim along the river with your love. Bring wine and finger foods to round out the experience.


Romantic Moonlit Walk


Travel to Fort Lauderdale, Florida 3

Imagine taking a romantic moonlit walk on the sand at Fort Lauderdale beach. Photo Courtesy: joiseyshowaa

Of course, no stay on the beach is complete without a romantic, moonlit walk on the sand. Nothing makes this type of journey more special than sharing it with your brand new husband or wife. Slip off your shoes and walk along the surf. A beach picnic is another wonderful way to spend a morning or afternoon, especially when you visit some of the specialty shops located downtown. Pick up gourmet foods and drinks to enjoy together.


Everglades Ecosystem


Travel to Fort Lauderdale, Florida 4Jungle Queen Riverboat – Photo Courtesy: Vince Alongi

A trip into the everglades is another way to spend quality time with the one you love. Reserve a spot on an airboat at Sawgrass Recreation Park and take a tour of one of the country’s last unique ecosystems. Get up close and personal with wildlife as you move through the area, and learn about what is being done to help save the everglades and the natural, native species that call it home.

Along the same, water-bound lines, you and your spouse might also enjoy a night of fun on the Jungle Queen Riverboat. See the sights of the city that lie along the river, enjoy a performance at the dinner theatre and even visit a tropical island.


Driving Around Fort Lauderdale


Travel to Fort Lauderdale, Florida 5Downtown Fort Lauderdale – Photo Courtesy: Cliff

If activities and excitement are more your speed, Fort Lauderdale has plenty to offer you. You can easily get a car rental in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where you will be able get around Florida easily to take advantage of all of the great sights and even make a trip down to Miami. If you are looking for something more romantic you can also take in a movie at a historic drive-in with your car rentalĀ or drive to the city and city’s major attractions, including the Museum of Fort Lauderdale or one of the many art galleries, and shop on Los Olas Boulevard.

No matter what you have budgeted for the trip or what your personal preferences are, there is something romantic and fun for you in Fort Lauderdale. Book your honeymoon at this gorgeous beachfront city and then start planning for your getaway of a lifetime.

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