5 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Australia

5 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Australia 1Photo Courtesy: Champagne Sailing, Sydney, Australia

It is the dream of every newly wedded couple to ice their wedding cake with a fabulous and romantic honeymoon. Australia offers you a chance to enjoy the best places you would ever dream of as it is a perfect honeymoon destination. In this leisure and travel article, I have featured the top 5 destinations in Australia that will even tempt you to stay longer—the ones that will create everlasting memories.


1. Fraser Island


Fraser Island was listed as a world heritage site two decades ago. It is the world’s largest sand island. The island is accessed by water using a ferry from river Heads to the Kingfisher bay or by air from Maroochydore airport.

This is an ideal destination for lovers of wild nature. It offers a rich variety of biodiversity including the vast rainforest that grows in these white sands. There are a variety of mammals that call this island home. The most notable ones are the dingoes and these attract a big number of tourists annually. They are highly threatened and are facing extinction. I bet you would love to see them in their natural setting before they finally disappear.


5 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Australia 2Image source: visitnoosa.com.au

Fraser Island has been mapped as an Important Bird Area (IBA) as it plays host to over 350 different bird species with over 20 being migratory species. It offers a perfect platform for bird watching and photo taking. At Kingfisher bay resort, you will enjoy waking up to the sweet melodies of these birds. Imagine how natural and sweet it would be to watch birds of all kinds fly effortlessly and some picking up small fights—as they normally do.

There are over 100 lakes on Fraser Island, all of them being freshwater ones. Many of them are considered to be among the cleanest in the world. Among them are perched lakes; notably lake McKenzie and lake Boomanjin with the latter being the largest perched lake in the world. I bet it would be an interesting adventure to explore all these lakes.

Newlyweds always have a chance to enjoy trekking and camping on the many grounds that are suitable for these purposes. The Waddy Point is one of the best camping grounds on Fraser Island.


2. Sydney


Sydney is the most famous city in Australia. Moreover, it is one of the most visited cities in the world. It offers a good opportunity for newlyweds who want to have their honeymoon there for the best of romantic adventure. There are various places that offer a great deal for this.


Sydney has some of the best romantic and exclusive hotels in the world. Some have been in existence since the 18th century and are still highly sought after by visitors. There are many five star hotels built using the modern architectural designs. Services are offered by highly trained professionals while security is always at its best. You and your sweetheart would be very happy to be accommodated in some of these hotels during your honeymoon.

Sydney Harbour

The Sydney Harbour is well known for its beauty and is a major tourist attraction in Sydney. It plays host to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. The former is used as the main crossing pathway connecting the Sydney central business and the North shore while the latter is used as an art performing venue. The Sydney harbour is a must visit place while on your honeymoon as there is a lot of beauty you will enjoy.


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Yacht charter in the Sydney Harbour is another interesting activity you may want to try out during your honeymoon. This is a service that offers you another chance to enjoy your honeymoon as you sail to various coastal destinations around Sydney. Catching the breeze emanating from the waters can make you calmly relax in the arms of your partner.


There are many museums in Sydney with the Australian Museum being the oldest. Visiting a museum during your honeymoon can bring about the reflection of the past. It is an interesting place to be, especially if one or both of you have some love for history.

Whale Watching

The coastline of Sydney experiences the Humpback whale migration that takes place between April and December. The watching can be done on cliff tops or even on shore lookouts. This can be a good moment and you can be more than happy to take photos of this natural phenomenon while on your honeymoon.


3.The Hyams Beach


This is a seaside village situated on the shores of Jervis bay in south coast. It has a very small population. This place is best known for its soft, fine and brilliantly white sands. Interestingly, the Guinness book of records identifies it as the beach with the whitest sands.

A honeymoon spent here will not disappoint at all. For those newlyweds who may prefer to spend their honeymoon in a serene and unpopulated place, Hyams beach would be the ideal destination for them. Choosing an unpopulated place means that you and your honey want to avoid cases of disruptions that are posed by multitudes. You would want to walk hand-in-hand feeling as if no one is watching. What I mean is that the beaches here are not over developed, as is the case with other beaches in Australia.


5 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Australia 4Image source: hyamsbeachre.com.au

The waters are clear and this makes swimming a lot easier. The warmth of the sun, especially in summer, will tempt you with your partner to have some play in these waters.

Accommodation in Hyams beach comes in different varieties, ranging from beach bungalows to romantic cottages for couples. Everything you may need inside these premises is provided to ensure you maximally enjoy your stay. Also, theses premises are located close to the white sandy beaches and hence you will not need to worry about commuting for long distances.

I always feel that Hyams beach is underrated and not known by many. However, it is one of the best honeymoon and holiday destinations in Australia.


4. Whitsundays Islands


The Whitsundays Islands are a collection of 74 Islands located in the Great Barrier Reef off the Central coast of Queensland, Australia. This is an area full of interesting activities and you will need to plan your time and schedule well so that you get to enjoy everything the islands have to offer.


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Whitsundays is known to have some of the most popular yachting destinations. You can charter a yacht and do all the exploration as a couple. Alternatively, you can hire a cruise and get someone to sail you through the Island wonders of Whitsundays. Either way, all the honeymoon pleasure will be yours! When tired, you can relax or take fun activities like swimming and fishing to keep on enjoying your honeymoon to the fullest.

Out of the 74 Islands, 6 are known to offer the hottest honeymoon deal. These include: Daydream, Hamilton, Brampton, Hayman, South Molle and Long. However, the favourite honeymoon season is from December to February. It is always advisable to avoid winter visits.


5. Wineglass Bay


The Wineglass Bay is one of Australia’s most beautiful environments. It is a good honeymoon destination that offers peace of mind to newlyweds who have finally made it out of the bachelor and sinister brackets.


5 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Australia 6Image source: australiaphotoguide.com

It offers a good relaxing environment especially due to the secluded beaches, quiet eco-lodges and the nearby Freycinet National Park. The park provides an avenue for wildlife watching.

Wineglass bay is renowned for honeymoon activities like rock climbing, fishing and scuba diving and beach walking. These always bring about a lot of fun to a couple and make them feel that their choice of honeymoon destination was not bad at all!

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