5 Tips for Booking Your Honeymoon

5 tips for booking your honeymoon 1

Your honeymoon should be the most romantic holiday you ever have – it’s a time when you can cherish each other, your new relationship and the beautiful life you have ahead of you. After all the hard work you put into planning your beautiful wedding, a nice relaxing honeymoon is the perfect relief – so you should choose it wisely.

So, here are 5 great tips for choosing your honeymoon – to make sure this incredible time of your lives is as perfect as it possibly can be!


1. Choose a Destination


Think about where you want to visit, what interests you and what kind of holiday you want to have. Do you and your new husband love sitting by the beach, and sunbathing by the pool? Or are you lovers of adventure and exploring new places? Either way – make sure you think about this before booking! There’s nothing worse than turning up to a hotel or resort and realizing there’s not much you actually fancy doing.


2. Budget


Be budget conscious and remember your spends. If you’ve already spent a lot on the wedding preparation – and are finding that your purse strings are a bit tight for the honeymoon – then remember this when booking yours. If you know you’ll spend a lot on meals out and attractions – then maybe save some extra cash on the hotel and accommodation instead.


3. Long Haul or Short Haul


This is another really important thing to consider when booking your honeymoon. If you’re only going away for 7 days – then heading somewhere long-haul might not be worth it. If you’ve got 2 weeks or more though – it might be nice to go somewhere a little further afield as you’ll have plenty of time to recover from the jetlag! Think about your partner too – and whether they’re comfortable with flying? If not – long haul may not be a great idea!


4. Summer or Winter


5 Tips for Booking Your Honeymoon 2

A beautiful December day in the beachside town of Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia. Photo Courtesy: Mike Vondran

Depending on when you tie the knot – you’ll have different countries and resorts open to you. Winter weddings often have their honeymoon in a gorgeous ski resort – but there are summer countries during the winter months too! Australia and New Zealand have their summer when we have our winter – so keep this in mind in case you do actually feel like a dose of sunshine!


5. Grab Flash Sales


There are some amazing flash sale websites out there on the internet – which are great for those couples who love grabbing a bargain – but still love stopping in luxury hotels and resorts. You do have to take a little bit of a gamble – as you have to grab the deals last minute – but it’s often worth it for the 30 – 75% discounts they offer!


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