Bring A Few Of Your Home Comforts With You On Your Next Overseas Vacation!

Bring A Few Of Your Home Comforts With You On Your Next Overseas Vacation 1Beach Chairs – Relaxing on a Sunday afternoon in Times Square, New York, USA. Photo Courtesy: Meg Lessard

Some of us like to venture a little further off the beaten track when we take our annual vacation and we really enjoy that culture shock. Nowadays, you can just as easily visit far flung destinations like Vietnam or Venezuela as you can your more typical holiday locations. These places offer you a valuable insight into a totally different way of life and they are extremely beautiful as well. But every now and then you may have a slight pang for a few of the home comforts that we take for granted.

Something as simple as an organised shower room or a comfortable pillow may seem light years away. Thankfully there are some travel related gadgets that are fairly inexpensive and just ready to answer your call for help. If you have experienced these feelings before, please read this article for a couple of possible solutions.


Hang Up Washing Bag


Bring A Few Of Your Home Comforts With You On Your Next Overseas Vacation 2Photo Courtesy: Dave Morris

This first gadget is simplicity personified, but it will really make your shower times a lot easier to deal with. If you prefer the more basic accommodation on your overseas adventure, you’ll definitely love this product! For those of us who have had experience of backpacker hostels and in particular their remedial shower utilities, we know all about dropping the soap or having difficulty locating the shampoo. Well the Hang Up Washing Bag is here to kick those issues to the kerb once and for all!

You can use it as a storage device for all of your toiletries and it fits snugly amongst your luggage items in an attractive to look at wash bag. The gadget comes into its own when you make your move to the shower facilities and it opens up to offer you a very useful organiser that has five separate pockets for all of your washing items. It even has a tidy hook attached and can be mounted behind the showerhead. A very simple yet effective design that banishes those showertime blues that we hate so much!

– $30—design-go-ref-654-648-p.asp


Cocoon Ultralight AirCore Travel Pillow


Bring A Few Of Your Home Comforts With You On Your Next Overseas Vacation 3

Pillow Talk – Photo Courtesy: Heather Kaweck


One of the biggest issues we face when bedding down for the night on an exotic vacation is the pillow situation. Unless you book into a very nice hotel, you are often faced with either a very uncomfortable pillow or an absolutely filthy one! Neither of these is conducive to a great night of sleeping and this happens all too frequently. It would be awesome if we had the space to bring our favourite sleeping buddy along for the ride, but the backpack is usually jam packed already.

Well, this excellent device will certainly bring some much needed comfort to those dilemma filled nights! The Cocoon Ultralight AirCore Travel Pillow is an extremely comfortable solution that is compact enough to fit into the tightest gaps. It has an inflatable air core that offers lovely support for the fussiest of sleepers out there. It is washable and will be a much cleaner alternative to the usual ringworm ridden grubby pillows on offer at those remote hostels we love so much! Simply pack this into your luggage and you can tick one more culture shock issue off your list!

– $30 –


A Little Luxury Never Hurt!


Both of these above mentioned ingenious gadgets offer you a little of what you need on those far flung foreign breaks – have fun!


Bring A Few Of Your Home Comforts With You On Your Next Overseas Vacation 4

Hotel rooms are the same everywhere – Photo Courtesy: Bryn Pinzgauer


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