Want To Make It Easy To Travel With Luggage?

Luggage - Photo Courtesy: Jason Kuffer   When you decide to travel to any destination, one of the issues that you will definitely need to deal with is how to handle your luggage. For one, carrying luggage around can be very cumbersome for most people. In addition to that, the likelihood of things such as losing the luggage while in transit is also high, especially when you are flying. However, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that you do not have such a hard time with … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Booking Your Honeymoon

Your honeymoon should be the most romantic holiday you ever have – it’s a time when you can cherish each other, your new relationship and the beautiful life you have ahead of you. After all the hard work you put into planning your beautiful wedding, a nice relaxing honeymoon is the perfect relief – so you should choose it wisely. So, here are 5 great tips for choosing your honeymoon – to make sure this incredible time of your lives is as perfect as it possibly can be!   1. Choose a … [Read more...]

How to Plan the Perfect Vacation in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is ranked as one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world with more than a million people visiting each year. People from around the world come to this rich coast to take pleasure in the many activities and things to do. From seeing breathtaking volcanoes to relaxing on the tropical beaches, walking through beautiful rain forests and meeting the diverse wildlife creatures, Costa Rica offers something for everyone. If you're ready to book your Costa Rica vacation, below … [Read more...]

Make-up and Skin Care Tips for Long Haul Flights

Long haul flights and traveling for long periods of time can leave their mark – and if you’re jetting away with that special someone, the last thing you want is to look tired and drained. Just because you’re traveling it doesn’t mean your looks have to suffer! Many of us are jetting off on exotic honeymoons – and whilst this is great – it does mean we sacrifice looking glamorous and gorgeous the whole way!   Look fresh and composed when you step off that plane, with these following … [Read more...]

You Need To Take A Road Trip

There are so many different ways to have a vacation. You can go on a cruise, head to the beach, or go skiing and snowboarding in the mountains, but the ultimate vacation that everyone needs to experience is a wide open road trip across America. Just one of those trips that have no rules, no scheduled stops, and no final destination. Those are the types of trips that you will get to see and experience new things and remember for the rest of your life.   Stress Free Feelings The first … [Read more...]

Is It Safe to Drink the Water – Super Sunday Travel Tips

When traveling in a foreign country, it’s important to know - is it safe to drink the water. If you aren't sure, a super quick way to tell is by the ice cubes. If the ice cubes are round and have a hole in the center, they are made with purified water. If the ice cubes have a different shape, the water might still be fine, but this is a simple eyeball test. Do you have a quick travel tip to share? … [Read more...]

Travel Advisories in Mexico – What Do They Mean for You?

What do travel advisories in Mexico mean to you? I felt I had to address the frequent reports of crime in Mexico, the drug cartels, and the travel advisories. This is just my opinion. In April 2011, the US department of state put out a travel advisory alerting US travelers to carefully consider travel to Mexico due to the increasing violence of drug cartels. What does this mean to you? Should you cancel your couple getaways? First off, I am no safety expert, so don’t sue me based on this … [Read more...]

Take a Tour or Hire Your Own Driver?

So, you’re in a tourist area and you want to see the sites. You see lots of tour options, what should you do? I highly recommend you consider hiring a private driver. It has lots of benefits, plus it can add a little romance to couple getaways! In Mazatlan, a popular tour I’ve been on several times is to Copala and Concordia, two small mountain towns. It’s really a fun tour. You get to see old Mexico and meet adorable kids. Recently, my husband and I were going to go on this tour. We were the … [Read more...]

CanIDrinkTheWater.com – Travel Apps and Websites

I recently found this website, and newly launched iPhone app, called CanIDrinkTheWater.com You simply select the name of a country from a drop down menu and it gives you a short narrative about water quality of that particular country. According to the website: Can you drink the water in Mexico? Yes. Drinking water is completely sanitary in Mexico, despite some claims that it is not. In fact, 95% percent of its people can testify to that. If you’re not really comfortable with the country’s … [Read more...]

The Secret to Excellent Valet Service – Super Sunday Travel Tip

Tip your valet when you first drop off your car. Here is the secret to excellent valet service - A former valet recently told me he took better care of the car if the driver tipped him. Of course, to do this, you need to tip when you first drop off your car, not when  you pick it up. Your valet  might give you a more favorable parking spot which would get your car to the front sooner. Your valet might ensure your car gets more careful attention in a location where it's unlikely to get … [Read more...]