Cheap couple getaways – Groupon

I love deals. I’ve been known to buy things just because they are on sale. I know, shocking. But this is one deal EVERYONE needs to know about!

Groupon ( is a website that offers killer deals targeted to your geographic area. The deals vary widely! Here are a few of my recent purchases:

  • Trapeze Lessons-$30 for a one hour lesson. This sounds like so much fun! At it’s actual price of $70, I wouldn’t consider it, but at that price, I can’t pass it up!
  • Dinners Done Right-$49 for six meal, normally $104. I love Dinners Done Right…delicious meals in my freezer, just waiting for “one of those days.”
  • Nordstrom Rack-$25 for a $50 gift card. ‘Nuf said.
  • Snowmobile Tour-$59 instead of $125. I cannot WAIT to use this one! 2 hour tour incuding snowmobile (of course…that would be totally lame without the snowmobile), guide, and all the snow clothes you could need.
  • Seattle Times Sunday delivery-I can’t remember how much it was, but it was a great deal.
  • Overnight at the Roosevelt Hotel-$129 for overnight in hot tub room, parking and a $40 dining credit. I SO wish I would have bought a dozen of these!

There have been other items I haven’t purchased, but I’ve been very interested in. Pole dancing? Sugaring (similar to waxing)?  There are tons of gift certificates for restaurants, online deals, spa services and more. I’m serious, you will be amazed!!

There are so many great deals…if you get the daily email, you will surely find something in the first couple of weeks.

The way it works is this: a deal is posted, typically at 50% or more. If a certain number of people (the group) buys it, the deal is on! It’s the bulk purchasing that helps get the lower price. I have never seen a deal NOT go, so don’t let that keep you up at night.

To use your Groupon, just print off the certificate and show it. Or, better yet, download the Groupon app! Then you have all your Groupons on hand for “spur of the moment” purchases. Not the trapeze class. I’m afraid you might get hurt if you do that spur of the moment.

Ready? Just go to Groupon, pick your city, enter your email and you’ll start getting daily deals emailed to you. When you are ready to make a purchase, you’ll need to set up an account, but it’s super simple.

HINT: If you are taking a trip, begin monitoring the Groupon for that area. It could save you some serious change on your trip!en known to buy things just because they are on sale. I know, shocking. But this is one deal EVERYONE needs to know about!


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