Coorg Tourism: An Insight into Wildlife Tours

Coorg Tourism - An Insight into Wildlife Tours 1A herd of Deer in Coorg, India – Photo Courtesy: Aditya Patawari

Did you ever want to visit the animal kingdom and have all the fun while reaching to those places in sanctuaries, bio spheres and reserves and national parks. If your answer is ‘yes’ then Coorg tourism in India brings to you the four most desired and most beautiful sight seeing tours for animal lovers. We qualify them as must “Coorg places to visit”.

Let us talk about each one in short:


1. Nagarahole Wildlife Sanctuary:


Nagarahole in Kannada language translates to “Snakes’ River” which might seem scary, but in reality, the place is on the Top 5 Coorg places to visit. Do you know why? This is because the park is the first “Biosphere Reserve” in India. The Department of forest conducts safe and well informed tours for the tourists. These tours happen during the evening and early morning. Well, lucky tourists have also spotted tigers and panthers. Do not forget to carry your own set of binoculars.


2. Nagarhole National Park:


Coorg Tourism - An Insight into Wildlife Tours 2

Stripe-necked Mongoose (Herpestes vitticollis) in Nagarhole National Park, Coorg, India – Photo Courtesy: Srikaanth Sekar


We believe after having a fair amount of idea in the wildlife sanctuary, you would definitely want to see a national park. The park was opened by Maharajas and was their favourite hunting ground back in the days. This is one of the Coorg places to visit that must be included in the list of wildlife enthusiasts and animal lovers.


3. Dubare:


The most exciting of them all is probably the Dubare Camp. Well, it’s not a camp for the mere mortal human beings but for the big guys. Yes, you heard it right – the big guys – who do not know how to run but rather walk very fast. If by now you couldn’t guess then let us help you. These big guys are the elephants. Yes, the home to mighty elephants who, after years of training by mahouts, are tamed and ready for you to ride them.


Coorg Tourism - An Insight into Wildlife Tours 3Big family time – Baby elephants with their mother in Dubare, Karnataka, India – Photo Courtesy: MeetThePotatoes

The path to reach Dubare is though not so easy. Well, as it is said, when the going gets tough, the tough get going; however, you may choose one of the two paths to get there. The motor boat path or the Rocky path. As you need to cross a lagoon, you can hire a motor boat for the same or you can trek over a rocky path.


4. Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary:


Not much is known about this wildlife sanctuary, but it is said to be perfect for adventure enthusiasts and trekkers who want the experience of the wild. If you really want to enjoy the wilderness of the West Ghats in India, than travel 30 km from Somwarpet towards Kukke Subramanya and you will land in Pusphagiri Wildlife sanctuary. Most of the Coorg tourism guides recommend this sanctuary as a must-visit place.


We are sure that after reading this, you would love to travel to these locations and cross out all these must-visit Coorg places from your list of hot spots.


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