Hotels like Nowhere Else

Hotels like Nowhere Else 1The Bom Jesus Basilica, perhaps Goa’s most famous church – Photo Courtesy: Pixabay

Accommodation is one of the most important factors for a good vacation. A good resort can add more joy to your vacation while an awful one can ruin it, taking away all the fun from your holiday. Therefore, choosing a good hotel is the prime concern for everyone, especially if the location is as fantastic as Goa, India.

Goa tourism is extremely popular not only with Indian travellers but with international tourists as well. No wonder tourism is one of the major industries in Goa and there are numerous hotels in Goa, each of which competes with the other to attract guests and provide them with an unforgettable experience.

Here is our pick of a few hotels which are beautifully located in unique, undiscovered locations:


The ‘Elsewhere’ Beach Houses, Mandrem


Hotels like Nowhere Else 2One of the ‘Elsewhere’ bungalows called ‘The Piggery’ – Photo Courtesy: Aseascape

A totally secluded and private property separated from the mainland by a creek. This hotel has four beautifully constructed bungalows which can be rented for a week. It is absolutely peaceful and quiet here with just the palm trees, greenery and the sea for company. It is an excellent spot for honeymooners as well as those looking to spend a calm and undisturbed vacation – one of the finest hotels in Goa indeed.


Presa di Goa Country House


Hotels like Nowhere Else 3Image Courtesy: PRESA di GOA

This heritage hotel is an old Portuguese manor, restored and open to guests. The building reminds one of the classic Portuguese architecture and the interiors are also similar. It is located in a peaceful village, thus giving guests the chance to experience the rural side of Goa. The famous Calangute and Baga beaches are just a few minutes away.


Coco Shambhala


Hotels like Nowhere Else 4One of the villas of Coco Shambhala called ‘Villa Bharani’ – Image Courtesy: Coco Shambhala

A one of its kind hotel in Goa that provides ultra luxury and pampering to its guests. Each villa is carefully designed and has unique features. All villas come with a tree-top living room and a private plunge jet pool. Visit this hotel and be steeped in luxury.


Britona Riverside Resort


Hotels like Nowhere Else 5Britona Riverside Resort – Photo Courtesy: Goa Tourism Development Corporation

This resort is located on an island across the river Mandovi. It is surrounded by a lush forest and has a collection of cottages. It is an initiative of Goa tourism.


Wildflower Villas


Hotels like Nowhere Else 6Wildflower Villas, Goa, India – Photo Courtesy: Wildflower Villas

A spectacular resort located on top of a hill. It gives you the best views of the river and the ocean and is surrounded by a beautiful landscaped garden. The cottages are built in typical Goan style but with all the contemporary comforts. This is truly a unique location.


Alila Diwa


Hotels like Nowhere Else 7Alila Diwa Goa, India – Photo Courtesy: Alila Hotels

A boutique resort with a completely different view; no sea, no rivers, just lush green paddy fields and an insight into the simple rural life of Goa. The hotel is equipped with all modern facilities and is a meeting place of the old Goan charm and contemporary facilities. It is located on the Gonsua Beach in Majorda.


The Leela Goa


Hotels like Nowhere Else 8Rooms overlooking lagoons in Hotel Leela, Goa, India – Photo Courtesy: The Leela

Everything about this hotel is perfect – the beautiful colonial design, the secluded white sandy beach and the awesome location. It is spread over seventy five acres, has beautiful lagoons and a 12-hole golf course. With so many amazing features, it is not surprising that this hotel is one of the most popular hotels in Goa.


These wonderful hotels are sure to add more charm and fun to you holiday.


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