How NOT to Make a Grand Entrance – Funny Travel Stories


To kick off my series of Funny travel stories, I thought I would first poke fun at myself…well, my sister and myself.

My mom, my sister, a family friend and I went to LA to see a taping of The Price is Right. We were supposed to see a taping of Dr. Phil, but they weren’t taping the particular day we were in town. That’s another story…

Anyhow, we were a group of country bumpkins setting foot in the Beverly Hilton. We felt a little out of sorts, but we were very excited to be in LA. Once we got settled into our room, my sister and I decided to take advantage of the hotel amenities. We donned our bathing suits, the fluffy hotel robes and headed out in search of the hot tub.

How NOT to Make a Grand Entrance - Funny Travel Stories - brangelinaWe didn’t really see Brad and Angelina, but the people were this fancy.

Imagine our surprise when we saw that the lobby was filled with men in tuxes and women in ball gowns! We later found out this was the ceremony and taping of the annual LA Sports Awards, a smaller version of the ESPYs. My sister and I tried our best to keep our heads down and find the hot tub.

PS-Along the way, I swear, I saw Milton Berle. I know he’s been dead since 2002, but in my state of bathrobe vs. ball gown confusion, I must have hallucinated him back to life.

Even though we were embarrassed, we decided to continue. A nice soak in the hot tub would soothe our wounded pride, right? Hopefully by the time we were ready to get out, the lobby would be empty.

How NOT to Make a Grand Entrance - Funny Travel Stories -beverly-hilton-pool

The Beverly Hilton Pool (please notice, no hot tub in sight)

No such luck. The Beverly Hilton has a lovely swimming pool but, alas, no hot tub. We looked in vain for any possible way to get back to our hotel room without having to go through the elegant crowd in the lobby. There was no other way out.

The first time through, we were surprised. The necessary second time through, we knew what was coming. So yes, my sister and I had to complete our own version of the Walk of Shame. We scurried across the lobby as quickly as we could, oscillating between complete and total embarrassment and a serious case of the giggles.

Lessons learned:

  • Confirm the hotel has a hot tub before traipsing through the lobby in a bathrobe.
  • When wearing said bathrobe, scope out the lobby before boldly marching through.
  • If something is embarrassing the first time, it will surely be doubly (or even quadruply) embarrassing the second time through
  • If you see Milton Berle, something is seriously wrong
How NOT to Make a Grand Entrance - Funny Travel Stories - milton-berle

I swear I saw Milton Berle

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