Sail off into the sunset for real – Holiday Ideas

Sail off into the sunset for real - Holiday Ideas 1Sailing is fun!

It may have been a long, cold winter, with the sun rarely showing it’s face – but already we can sense summer rapidly approaching, where lighter evenings, pub gardens, fresh grass and blue skies all make an appearance.

It’s the time to pack up the car and take yourself and the loved one away from the hustle and bustle of working life on a well-deserved holiday. It could be to the country for a relaxing camping break? Or possibly you’re interested in something a bit more adventurous? If this sounds like your cup of tea then you might want to think about a sailing break. Relax on the water enjoying the great outdoors, and get the adrenalin flowing and learn new skills by controlling your own yacht.


Not just your average beach holiday


Admittedly, it’s something a bit different – and more active – than your average beach holiday, but that’s the fun of it! It’s good to try something new and be adventurous every now and then, and the memories to come out of it are something to be enjoyed for the rest of your life.


Sail off into the sunset for real - Holiday Ideas 2

Other adventurous outdoor activities such as rock-climbing and white-water rafting are also great ways to vary up your couples retreat this summer. This may not be your cup of tea, and that is completely understandable; however, the phrase “don’t knock it before you try it” springs to mind and could really change the way you plan your future outings!


Broaden your horizons with a sailing break


With sailing, it’s not just a “one off” experience; once you’ve learnt the art of sailing, you’ll be proficient in the sport for life! A sailing course will add to your skills set, broaden your horizons and enable you to choose a different kind of adventurous and interesting holiday for both you and your partner.


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Most yacht charter companies insist on a certain level of skill before you can charter a yacht. The most widely recognised of these is the RYA (Royal Yachting Association) Day Skipper qualification.  This comes in two parts – the theory which covers navigation, laws of the sea and terminology and the practical which is setting sails, steering and mooring.


Whatever your age or experience of the water, a sailing holiday will give you memories to treasure forever.


This post was written by First Class Sailing, a UK-based sail training firm, which provides a range of RYA-approved sailing courses including Day Skipper Theory and Practical. For more information learning to sail, please visit their website at

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