The Best Honeymoon Getaways in Europe on a Low Budget

The Best Honeymoon Getaways in Europe on a Low Budget 1Photo Courtesy: Joyce Campos

A honeymoon is one of the most important moments which a couple can ever enjoy together. In most cases, the memories of the honeymoon are cherished by the couple for the rest of their lives. As such, finding the perfect honeymoon destination is every couple’s dream.

For many couples, the perfect destination is Europe. However, many shy away because they are afraid that it will be too costly. This is a tragedy because there are many affordable honeymoon getaways in Europe. Some of the best honeymoon getaways on a low budget are the following:


Berlin, Germany


The Best Honeymoon Getaways in Europe on a Low Budget 2 Lara and Michael in Berlin, Germany – Image source: Polka Dot Honeymoons

The German capital is the most affordable among all the major cities in Europe. Air tickets to Berlin generally cost less than those to cities like Paris or London. According to CNN Travel, Berlin has some of the cheapest 5 Star hotels in the world. Therefore, a couple on a budget can easily travel to Berlin, and find luxurious hotel rooms on the cheap.

Also, Berlin’s iconic attractions like Bellevue Palace, Victory column and Brandenburg Gate can be viewed free of charge. There are also free art galleries (e.g. the East Side Gallery), free museums visits, free jazz sessions at A-Trane, and even free walking tours of Berlin. Therefore, a couple can enjoy these attractions without spending at all. And even if they decide to visit romantic places like Museum Island or the Punoramapunkt-Berlin Viewing Platform, the charges are not so high.


Prague, Czech Republic


The Best Honeymoon Getaways in Europe on a Low Budget 3Bethany & Jason in Prague, Czech Republic – Image source: Kurt Vinion

With its golden spires, cobbled streets and classical baroque architecture, the Czech capital is the ultimate romantic destination. A couple can enjoy romantic walks through the streets, spectacular views of the Vlatva River and visits to the Gothic Charles Bridge.

They can also enjoy sumptuous delicacies, cozy hotel rooms, adventure and entertainment on the cheap. According to the European Backpacker Index for 2013, a visitor to Prague can enjoy a full day of activities for just $41. This includes food, drinks, on-the-cheap lodging and entertainment activities. Therefore, a couple can have a memorable honeymoon in Prague without having to spend too much.


Zadar, Croatia


The Best Honeymoon Getaways in Europe on a Low Budget 4A happy couple in Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Iadera, Zadar, Croatia – Image source: Condé Nast Traveler

This Croatian city is one of the most romantic destinations in Europe. One of its main attractions is its breathtaking sunset, described as the most beautiful in the world. A couple can enjoy this marvel of nature free of charge. Zadar is also endowed with many other unique attractions. Two of the most famous are the Sea Organ, and Greeting to the Sun. A honeymooning couple can share memorable moments at these two attractions at no cost.

Zadar is also home to 1st Century Roman Ruins, 13th Century Baroque Cathedrals and 19th Century Cosmacendi palaces. There are also pristine beaches, cute ice cream parlors, sumptuous Dalmatian delicacies and delightful Croatian wines. Before you head out to Croatia, you can check out Online Croatia where you will find everything you need for your holidays. A couple can enjoy all these delights at extremely affordable rates.


Crete, Greece


The Best Honeymoon Getaways in Europe on a Low Budget 5Picturesque Agios Nikolaos Town in the eastern part of Crete, Greece – Image source: Getintravel

This is the perfect destination for a couple who have a taste for adventure and exploration. The island is renowned for its rich history, antique architecture, and beautiful beaches. A couple can visit Minoan palaces like Knossos, Malia and Phaitos. They can also visit the 15th Century Arkadi Monastery or the 16th Century Panagia Kera, a church popular for its amazing frescoes. They can also visit Crete’s breathtaking harbors or chill out at the numerous beaches.

Those who want more adventure can go snorkeling, mountain biking, hiking or swimming. There are also numerous museums, romantic cafes, and waterside restaurants serving sumptuous delicacies. All Crete’s attractions are available at very affordable rates.


These are just a few of the destinations where a couple can enjoy a honeymoon getaway on a low budget. Others include Budapest in Hungary, Lisbon in Portugal, Sarajevo in Bosnia, Dubrovnik in Croatia and Sofia in Bulgaria. In all these places, couples can enjoy memorable experiences without having to break the bank. Therefore, any couple who have ever dreamed of a honeymoon in Europe can make those dreams come true – even on a low budget!

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