Ultimate Packing Guide for Cruise Holidays

Ultimate Packing Guide for Cruise Holidays 1Cruise ship at Vancouver Convention Centre, Canada – Photo Courtesy: Thomas Quine

Cruises have always been a popular holiday option. However, with the number of cruise operators steadily rising, the fares are getting more competitive and there is a marked increase in the number of people that consider cruises to be a viable holiday option. Whether you are a pensioner, a honeymooning couple or a family, cruises always have something to offer for everyone. It is essential to ensure that you pack right in order to avoid difficulties and disappointment during your cruise holidays. Here are some top tips from holiday experts about packing for a cruise holiday.


Sort out your passport and all other important documents


Ultimate Packing Guide for Cruise Holidays 2

Sort out your Passport and other documents before anything else. Above: An Australian Passport and Russian Visa Application – Photo Courtesy: Josh Stewart

The most common mistake people make before leaving for a cruise holiday is to leave sorting the passport and all other documents as the last thing to do before departure. It should actually be the very first thing that you do. In case there is something wrong with any of the documents or if you cannot find them, you still have some time on hand to have the problem rectified. Without your documents, you are not likely to go anywhere, no matter how much preparations you have made. It is advisable to make copies of your passport and all important documents; the copies should be kept separately from the originals.


Pack a proper medicine kit


Ultimate Packing Guide for Cruise Holidays 3

Never ever travel without your medicines. Above: A nicely packed Medicine Kit – Photo Courtesy: Ratha Grimes

On a cruise holiday, you could be gone for weeks. Though the ship will stop at multiple ports, you will be spending most of the time out on the water. In case of emergencies, getting medical help quickly can get a bit tricky. Cruise ships do have a doctor on board and some medical equipment, but they are no replacements for a full fledged hospital. Packing a proper medicine kit often proves to be the crucial difference. Besides regular first-aid items like bandages and gauze, make sure you have stocked up on enough allergy medication.


Take enough things to keep you entertained and occupied


Ultimate Packing Guide for Cruise Holidays 4Cruise operators go to great lengths to ensure that their ships are packed with amazing features. However, even on the biggest cruise ships, you would ended up seeing everything that is worth seeing within the first 2-3 days. From thereon, you have to find ways to keep yourself occupied in between port docking. Carry essentials like your mp3 player and a small number of books. E-book readers are very popular with those who have mastered how to enjoy cruise holidays.

Right: An eBook reader can come in handy after you get a fill of your Cruise Ship. Photo Courtesy: goXunuReviews


Pack clothing relevant to the different destinations


During a cruise, the ship stops at multiple ports and harbors. While packing clothes, make sure you have the right kind of clothes for each destination. If you have only brought normal clothes, you will look slightly out of place if the ship docks a party destination or a port with very fancy restaurants. Pack clothes and accessories according to the destinations you are expecting to visit.


Ultimate Packing Guide for Cruise Holidays 5 If the ship docks a party destination or a port with very fancy restaurants, you should be ready for it. Photos Courtesy: Duncan Harris

Travel experts suggest that following these 4 simple tips is often enough to ensure that your cruise holidays kick off the right way. With a combination of helpful tips and common sense, you can help ensure that the holiday is devoid of any negative incidents.


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