When In Spain: 7 Things You Should Never Be Caught Doing

When In Spain - 7 Things You Should Never Be Caught Doing 1Spain Balearic Islands Mediterranean Menorca – Photo Courtesy: pixabay

Spain is the one country that every person should visit at least once. The passionate people, the laidback culture, the sunny weather, the quirky festivals and the beautiful landscapes; here is the perfect vacation for everyone. Age group and gender, irrespective.

However, in order for Spain to offer you its best side, you have to offer your best side too. To do so, you have to enter the country well-researched and leave behind every potential faux pas. How? Well, for one, amongst everything else, here are seven things you should never be caught doing in Spain.


Express dissent about smoking in public


When In Spain - 7 Things You Should Never Be Caught Doing 2Even though good, refrain from giving this advice to a Spaniard – Photo Courtesy: Dheepak Ra

You think with the amount of smoking they choose to do, they wouldn’t already know about its effects? Walking around in Spain like a crusader of anti-smoking will only earn you death glares and guffaws. The Spaniards believe that anyone who complains about smoking and abhors the habit is scared of death or the perils of life. So, when you’re planning a trip to Spain, be prepared for some passive smoking. And while you’re at it, try to keep quiet about it.


Be impatient


When In Spain - 7 Things You Should Never Be Caught Doing 3Photo Courtesy: Bill McChesney

It is in the Hispanic blood, to be laidback and take things as they come. They are in no rush to do things, and while you’re in their land, you shouldn’t be in any rush either. Whether you’re standing in a queue or waiting for the local grocery store to open, you have no choice but to wait. And don’t bother complaining or trying to explain that you’ve been waiting since forever. They won’t understand and they’ll simply ask you why you were early in the first place!


Speak only English


When In Spain - 7 Things You Should Never Be Caught Doing 4Photo Courtesy: pixabay

The Spaniards appreciate nothing more than a tourist who speaks and understands their language. What’s more, they’ll even open up a little, be more welcoming and make your stay far more hospitable and pleasurable. And take my word for it; a Spanish vacation becomes most memorable when the locals treat you like one of their own.


Touch the fruit in a fruit shop


When In Spain - 7 Things You Should Never Be Caught Doing 5Photo Courtesy: Wonderlane

You can smoke your lungs out in front of everyone else, you can kiss your lover in public and not one eyebrow will rise. But touch a fruit in a fruit shop, and you’re in for a good earful. As a matter of fact, you’ll find a multi-lingual board warning to keep your hands off the fruits outside most fruit shops. Their fixation with the whole “don’t touch the fresh produce” is inexplicable and borderline pathological. Touching the fruit in a Spanish fruit shop is as bad as fondling the owner’s wife! Neither of which are acceptable anywhere.


Dress like a typical tourist


When In Spain - 7 Things You Should Never Be Caught Doing 6

A Taste of Spain – Photo Courtesy: Garry Knight

The Spaniards are a well-dressed lot, even on their most uneventful days.They have a sense of fashion that’s pleasing to the eyes, without being very over-the-top. And the same is expected from you. While it is understood that the sunny weather tempts you to shed all your inhibitions, it’s better for you if the swimsuit is worn only at the beach or the resort. Roaming the streets of Spain wearing nothing but a swimsuit and a sombrero will only land you in more trouble.

When visiting the church and museums, or any somber and formal place, dress as classily as you can. The more you dress like a stupid ignorant tourist, the more trouble you’ll land yourself in.


Act Hapnophobic


When In Spain - 7 Things You Should Never Be Caught Doing 7Photo Courtesy: Christian Jensen

The Spaniards are as expressive as they’re well-dressed and well-laidback. A good friend cannot be let go without being kissed at least twice and a lover at least thrice – always starting on the right cheek. And it’s perfectly okay to do so in public. So, don’t even try to explain your intimacy issues. For all you know, you may dishearten them, which isn’t a very nice thing to do to your hosts.


Visit the beach (especially in August)


When In Spain - 7 Things You Should Never Be Caught Doing 8Ibiza Island Spain Mediterranean Beach – Photo Courtesy: pixabay

Spanish beaches are overrated, I kid you not. You’re better off without even a glimpse of the beach, especially in August. It’s a time when EVERYONE, tourists and locals alike, throng the beaches like there’s no tomorrow. The beaches are super-crowded, and whatever space you do find will be filthy. And if you’re expecting some respite in the beach restaurants, don’t sweat it. It will take more than a couple of hours for your order to be taken, and almost never for your order to arrive. You’ll die and reach heaven faster!


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