How to Plan For Your First Romantic Getaway Together

How to Plan For Your First Romantic Getaway Together - 1

Deciding to take your first vacation together as a new couple on a romantic getaway can be nerve racking – there are so many things to think about, and the smoother you can make the booking process the better! We want you to enjoy your first vacation away together!

Below we’ve outlined a list of tips and things to remember during the holiday and booking process that will hopefully mean your first holiday away together is as romantic and as fun as possible!

How long have you been together?


First of all, think about how long you’ve been together as a couple. You’re clearly getting serious, if you’re planning a holiday away together – but if you’ve only been together two weeks then booking a round-the-world trip might not be the best idea.

What are your shared interests?


How to Plan For Your First Romantic Getaway Together - 2

Think about this when booking your holiday. Perhaps your partner hates sitting around on a beach all day (in which case try and find somewhere that suits them too). Sit down together and discuss what kind of things you’d like to do on holiday. If you like to keep busy and experience new things, then a city or skiing break is a great idea as you’ll never run out of things to do or things to talk about. If you both have busy jobs and want to spend the holiday relaxing – then opt for a beach holiday in a chilled out resort. If you can’t decide, then go for somewhere that offers the best of both worlds.

What will you pack?


For a romantic getaway don’t underestimate the importance of packing. It depends where you’re going of course, but as a general rule you’ll want to pack versatile items that you can dress up or down. You won’t want to pack too much, but selecting your items well is important. If you’re a fan of dresses then picking some lovely day dresses and evening dresses is a great choice, and a simple pair of black or nude heels should suffice for evening wear (as they’re neutral colours and will go with anything). Don’t forget some sexy lingerie too; going away together is the perfect excuse to surprise him!

Don’t forget entertainment!


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If you’re going on a beach holiday (or a relaxation holiday) you’ll want to pack some entertainment such as reading or an iPod (for music). A lovely gesture, if you’re a mushy romantic, is to purchase your partner a personalized bound copy their favorite book to read whilst away and surprise them with it. It’s a lovely gift idea and will mean they’ll always have something to remember the holiday with.

Don’t sweat the small stuffHow to Plan For Your First Romantic Getaway Together - 4


Don’t get worried about little things if they go wrong while you’re away. Remember you’re there to enjoy yourself and to bond with your partner, so if you get sun burnt or if your boyfriend breaks your sunglasses – then just let it slip. The little things don’t matter in the long run, what matters is that you enjoy the holiday and you come away with great memories.





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