Coorg Tourism: An Insight into Wildlife Tours

A herd of Deer in Coorg, India - Photo Courtesy: Aditya Patawari Did you ever want to visit the animal kingdom and have all the fun while reaching to those places in sanctuaries, bio spheres and reserves and national parks. If your answer is 'yes' then Coorg tourism in India brings to you the four most desired and most beautiful sight seeing tours for animal lovers. We qualify them as must “Coorg places to visit”. Let us talk about each one in short:   1. Nagarahole Wildlife … [Read more...]

The Adventurous Couple’s Guide To 5 Places For The Ultimate Rush

Adventurous couple Gloria & Gavin pose for the camera before having lunch on a river bank - Photo Courtesy: Gloria Let's admit it - all those travel brochures and ads that show a lovely couple sailing into sunset with soft music playing in the background, are all too overrated. Honestly, you're not cut out for this mush fest. You and your better half much rather scream your guts out while falling from 50,000 feet in the air, than sway to slow violins. And we get it; very few things come … [Read more...]

The Couples’ Guide To 6 Breathtaking National Parks For A Vacation

Enjoy a romantic ride with your loved one on Puffing Billy - a century old steam train chugging through Dandenongs National Park, Australia Domesticity has its way with taking center stage in one's life, especially when one is married. Soon, you start to wonder if your marriage has lost that 'spark'; you feel so absorbed by your chores, you can't help but wonder how you landed in this spot in the first place! However, thank God for vacations, the ones that make you leave the shackles of … [Read more...]

A Great Barrier Reef Overnight Sailing Trip is a Dream Come True

  The Great Barrier Reef is a destination for many people because of its coral reef system that is the largest in the world. The islands in the area are located off the coast of Queensland, Australia. There is a diverse selection of life forms located in and around the reefs. In fact, the reef itself is comprised of many small organisms that each contribute to the overall appeal of the area.   A Natural Wonder   Sea Turtle on the Great Barrier Reef - Photo Courtesy: … [Read more...]

There’s Something For Everyone On Phillip Island – Go And See For Yourself!

Phillip Island beach - Photo Courtesy: Tamas Phillip Island is something of a national treasure for Australia. It’s a beautiful spot and many people are choosing it as the perfect getaway from normal life. It attracts Australian natives and travellers alike, and its area of 10,000 hectares means there’s plenty of space for everyone. At its widest point it measures a whopping 29 by 9 kilometres – pretty big for an island! The climate is mild, the landscape is flat and beautiful, housing 6000 … [Read more...]

Sail off into the sunset for real – Holiday Ideas

Sailing is fun! It may have been a long, cold winter, with the sun rarely showing it's face - but already we can sense summer rapidly approaching, where lighter evenings, pub gardens, fresh grass and blue skies all make an appearance. It’s the time to pack up the car and take yourself and the loved one away from the hustle and bustle of working life on a well-deserved holiday. It could be to the country for a relaxing camping break? Or possibly you’re interested in something a bit more … [Read more...]

7 Great Reasons to Ride a Hot Air Balloon

A beautiful balloon ride in Sydney’s Hawkesbury Valley by Cloud 9 Balloon Flights of Australia When some people think of hot air balloon rides they picture a dull, slow-moving day out, when nothing could be further from the truth. These people may consider the experience to be quite boring in comparison with a ride in a helicopter or flying lesson in a plane, but they're actually completely different things that shouldn't be compared. Here are just a few of the great reasons to take a trip in a … [Read more...]

The National Parks of Bali and Nearby East Java

Ulun Danu Temple, Bali - Photo Courtesy: Robert Montgomery     Known for its lovely beaches, sophisticated nightlife and delicious cuisine, the island of Bali also offers visitors the chance to explore its pristine jungle landscapes that harbor exotic wildlife found nowhere else in the world.     West Bali National Park   Capping the northwestern end of the island of Bali, this protected area accounts for nearly 10 percent of Bali’s total land mass. … [Read more...]

Harry Potter And The Tour Of Britain

The Great Hall in Harry Potter films - Photo Courtesy: Sarah Ackerman   How many of us go to bed dreaming of exploring J. K. Rowling's magical made-up world? Of course a lot of the iconic sights were created behind studio doors but much of Harry's world exists for real. You just have to know where to look. Get ready to embark on this exciting journey!   London Many sights and sounds from the Harry Potter movies can be found in and around London. Your journey to … [Read more...]

Cruising the Whitsundays Australia

Blue water and beach - Whitsunday Islands - Photo Courtesy: J Brew   So you are ready for your Great Barrier Reef adventure and plan to cruise the glorious Whitsundays Australia... The conundrum appears when it is time to choose your boat however, and the sailing trips are as varied as the vessels they use. Here are some tips to help you make an informed choice:   Party Boats   Photo Courtesy: Sarah Ackerman Usually modern vessels which pack in as many young overseas … [Read more...]