The Best European Locations for Romantic Getaways

The Best European Locations for Romantic Getaways 1The beautiful city of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Selecting the perfect location for a romantic getaway is never an easy task. The ideal location has to offer endless opportunities for fun, adventure, excitement and intimacy. There are some destinations which have gained a reputation for their romantic offerings. These locations are frequented by lovers, honeymooners, spouses and other people intent on celebrating their love, affection and intimacy.

If you are looking for the perfect romantic getaway, you will be well served in any of the following destinations:




Obvious first choice for lovers! The French people have a reputation for being seductive, romantic and skilled in the art of ecstasy. No place captures this spirit better than Paris. This is the one city where seeing couples kissing, cuddling or smooching in the streets is the norm. Any couple on a romantic getaway is spoilt for choice. The Montmartre hill is a perfect place to start. There, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the city, walk hand-in-hand down narrow streets and chill out in cafes, which have patronized the likes of Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet and Pablo Picasso.


The Best European Locations for Romantic Getaways 2

Romance in Paris – Photo Courtesy: Orbitz


Another place is the Jardin du Luxembourg, the elegant gardens of the Palais du Luxembourg. The gardens have colorful flowers, artistic statues and mesmerizing fountains. They are an all time favorite of Parisian lovers. Napoleon Bonaparte and Jean Paul Sartre were frequent visitors of the Jardin du Luxembourg.

To enjoy a romantic dinner, you can pop into the luxe, 425-year-old La Tour d’Argent, to savour Parisian delicacies and taste from its 500,000-bottle wine cellar. The Victoria Palace Hotel has luxurious rooms decorated with a Louis XVI style elegance. It is the perfect place to retreat after an unforgettable day in Europe’s capital of romance.




The Eternal City has seduced lovebirds for thousands of years. Today, it still offers endless opportunities to couples. A good place to start is the Piazza di Spagna aka the Spanish Steps. At the Steps, you can hire a horse-drawn carriage to take you on a fairy tale tour of the centro storico. There is the Villa Borghese park, a popular lovers’ rendezvous where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the city, idyllic strolls through the park’s gardens or a cruise on the lake.


The Best European Locations for Romantic Getaways 3

Rome Cavalieri – Vatican View – Photo Courtesy: Hello Magazine


The Villa D’Este is a magnificent place with a huge seductive garden, dotted with close to 500 fountains. Here, you can lose yourselves in the almost magical aura of the place. To catch a glimpse of nighttime Rome, take a dinner cruise along the Tiber. Aside from enjoying sumptuous Italian delicacies, you will see Rome’s nighttime jewels (Castel Dant’Angelo, Giancolo hill and St. Peter’s Basilica) in all their glory.




The Hungarian capital possess a seductive charm which is a magnet for lovers from all over the world. One of the city’s main attractions is its legendary thermal baths. The Széchenyi Thermal Bath is the best choice for any couple. You can relax and snuggle close while enjoying the warm, therapeutic bath.


The Best European Locations for Romantic Getaways 4

Budapest at night – Photo Courtesy: Putoholicari


Don’t pass on visiting the historic Margaret Island on the Danube river. This 2km long island features beautiful gardens, spacious lawns, a jogging track and lots of nice cozy restaurants. Enjoy an easy stroll through the pristine flower gardens, share a romantic cocktail or meal at the Holdudvar bar/restaurant or hire the island’s famed pedal carriages and enjoy a boisterous ride around the island.

The Mirage Fashion Hotel is the perfect accommodation. It has a romantic package which features luxurious rooms, chocolates, roses, private dinners and a pampering massage session for the couple. Other hotels with similar offerings include the Four Seasons, Hotel Gerloczy and Corinthia Hotel Budapest.




The Best European Locations for Romantic Getaways 5

A beautiful view of Prague – Photo Courtesy: Putovanja


The Czech capital has fantastic wine, an amazing river, countryside retreats and some idyllic views which can form the perfect backdrop to a romantic escapade. Just taking an evening stroll in the central square with its cobblestones, golden spires, picturesque buildings and cute little trams can be a very elating experience. The stroll will lead you to the Gothic Charles Bridge, where you can have a cozy time watching the glittering lights dancing in the river below. To get a sweeping view of the city, take a cruise on the River Vtlava. To make it special, take a dinner cruise, so that you can enjoy sumptuous dishes, while sailing through the iconic places in Prague.

The perfect accommodation is the Chateau Mcely, a 17th Century castle now transformed into a luxurious 5 star hotel. Guests can enjoy a couple’s massage, sumptuous local dishes and even star gazing through a telescope on the roof. The hotel’s furnishing is the perfect fusion between ancient and contemporary elegance, luxury and style.




The Best European Locations for Romantic Getaways 6

‘I Love Berlin’ by Marcus Klepper – Photo Courtesy: Fine Art America


The German capital is perhaps better known for its history, culture, cuisine and global political influence. However, these can also provide the perfect backdrop to a romantic escapade. For first timers in Berlin, the perfect place to start is the Punoramapunkt-Berlin Viewing Platform. Take the fastest elevator in Europe up to the Kollhoff Tower, from where you can enjoy spectacular views of Berlin, including famous landmarks like Bellevue Palace, the Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column. After enjoying some sightseeing, relax at the rooftop terrace café for a simple snack.

A popular destination for lovers is the Postdam’s Gardens. This place features serene gardens, tranquil lakes, parks, rolling fields and ancient palaces. Chill out in one of the parks, explore ancient palaces or simply enjoy the tranquility of the lakes.




This small, medieval, walled Croatian city has been famously described as one of the most romantic destinations in Europe. Although the city is pretty small, it is well connected with all of the European centers, so coming to Dubrovnik should not be a problem, specially with all the Valentine’s day offers.


The Best European Locations for Romantic Getaways 7

Croatian Night in Dubrovnik – Photo Courtesy: Aol Travel UK


One of its star attractions is the Villa Dubrovnik, a 5 star hotel which is said to be built on the most romantic spot in the world. This luxurious hotel is delicately perched atop an outcrop overlooking the Mediterranean. Each room has a panoramic view of the sea, and the Old Town. Standing on the balconies, a couple can view one of the most spectacular sunsets in Europe.

In the city, you can also enjoy a private cruise, discover the city’s ancient artifacts, walking along the city walls, and many other exciting adventures. The perfect end of a perfect day would be a romantic dinner in one of the most romantic restaurants in Europe – Nautica restaurant, where you can enjoy some local delicacies. Its best feature is probably the location at the very entrance to the Dubrovnik Old Town.


Ultimately, you should return from a romantic getaway feeling relaxed, elated and more intimate. To achieve this, you have to encounter mutually enjoyable experiences which will bring you closer to your partner. The above locations are well endowed with a variety of places, things and experiences which ensure that you have a memorable time. Any couple planning a romantic getaway in Europe can find the perfect location in one of these romantic cities.

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