Top 3 Honeymoon Getaways

Top 3 Honeymoon Getaways 1

Roy & LuAnn Montgomery enjoying their Honeymoon. Photo by Roy Montgomery

It’s taken weeks, months and in some cases years. You have pulled your hair out listening to your mother-in-law-to-be’s opinions on everything, you’ve stressed about canapes and had nightmares about being swallowed by flower arrangements. But the day comes: you’ve said ‘I do’, cut the cake and perhaps even enjoyed ‘the best day of your life’. Yet in reality the best bit comes next.


The Honeymoon


Weddings are beautiful occasions but they are often stressful and very rarely intimate. You had one day to parade your love around in front of your family and friends, but the honeymoon is the time when you get to relax and simply enjoy being married for the first time. No crying page boys or parents; nothing to organize or stress over; there’s just relaxation, fun and enjoyment.

The big question however is ‘where’?

If you’ve spent so much time planning your wedding that you’ve scarcely had time to think about your honeymoon, then here is a quick rundown of 3 different types of honeymoon getaways in different locals that you might enjoy.


The Bargain Getaway


Top 3 Honeymoon Getaways 2

Beautiful Budapest by David Pursehouse

If you’ve spent a ton on a wedding, you might not want to break the bank with an over-the-top honeymoon. Yet, even when money is an issue, there are still plenty of places available that will give you the romantic getaway you need. One great option is Budapest. In the heart of central eastern Europe, Budapest has old world European city charm but is nowhere near as expensive as Paris or Prague. Budapest is a place of beautiful architecture, scorching summer weather and various atmospheres; it is a relax paradise and crazy party town depending on the area you visit. The secret to why Budapest is a great honeymoon spot is it’s location; the city was built over hot springs and is famous for its spas, meaning you can have the ultimate relaxation holiday. Many hotels have their own spas attached like the Hotel Gellert, meaning you can enjoy a couple’s massage without even leaving the building.


The Private Paradise


Top 3 Honeymoon Getaways 3

“The most beautiful villa in the South of France” – Photo by Pierre Omidyar

If you’re looking for peace, quiet and privacy then a lovely option is a villa in the south of France. Hiring out a villa can be very cost effective and is romantic no matter the time of year, Whether you are snowed in and cuddling next to a log fire or sunbathing out on the terrace, you will finally have some peace and alone time to enjoy each other and each other’s company.


The Extravagant Adventure


Top 3 Honeymoon Getaways 4

The Atlantis resort on Paradise Island, Bahamas. Photo Courtesy: Craig Stanfill

If you want a splurge on your honeymoon, then there really is no more extravagant an option than the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, The Bahamas. The top-of-the-line resort is a premium honeymoon destination because it combines every possible option for a holiday. If you want an exotic getaway then you can get out and enjoy the Caribbean. If you want adventure then you can hire speedboats across the sea or enjoy the resorts crazy entertainment. Plus finally if you want traditional honeymoon pampering then you can get all that and more in the resort’s state of the art spa.


No matter what you’re looking for or how much you can spend, your honeymoon will be great because it will probably be the first time in months that you’ve just been able to enjoy your partner’s company. So get romantic wherever you go and enjoy being newlyweds!


Top 3 Honeymoon Getaways – written by Sonia Meehan for LA Banquets, a Los Angeles wedding venues provider.

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