My Parasailing MISAdventure – Funny Travel Stories

  Picture this: 16 year old me, standing on a lovely Mexican beach on a bright, sunny morning. I am about to go parasailing for the first time. My dad has been watching the para-sails for a week and he determines the yellow-and-black sail gives the longest ride. My dad, my brother and I head out early one morning so there are fewer parasails up at one time. My mom is likely hiding in the hotel room, terrified to see her little girl die. As I’m getting buckled into a life … [Read more...]

How NOT to Make a Grand Entrance – Funny Travel Stories

  To kick off my series of Funny travel stories, I thought I would first poke fun at myself…well, my sister and myself. My mom, my sister, a family friend and I went to LA to see a taping of The Price is Right. We were supposed to see a taping of Dr. Phil, but they weren’t taping the particular day we were in town. That’s another story… Anyhow, we were a group of country bumpkins setting foot in the Beverly Hilton. We felt a little out of sorts, but we were very excited to be in … [Read more...]