Use These Tips To Make A Day At The Beach More Comfortable

A nice day at the Cascais Beach in Lisbon, Portugal - Photo Courtesy: Michael Coghlan Just about everyone enjoys a great day at the beach lying in the sunshine and swimming in the ocean, but some individuals actually feel really uncomfortable spending hours upon hours at the shore. This could be because they can’t stand the sun beating down on them or they may not like the heat. They may not even know how to swim so they can’t enjoy the water either. But when entire families or groups of … [Read more...]

Make-up and Skin Care Tips for Long Haul Flights

Long haul flights and traveling for long periods of time can leave their mark – and if you’re jetting away with that special someone, the last thing you want is to look tired and drained. Just because you’re traveling it doesn’t mean your looks have to suffer! Many of us are jetting off on exotic honeymoons – and whilst this is great – it does mean we sacrifice looking glamorous and gorgeous the whole way!   Look fresh and composed when you step off that plane, with these following … [Read more...]

Is It Safe to Drink the Water – Super Sunday Travel Tips

When traveling in a foreign country, it’s important to know - is it safe to drink the water. If you aren't sure, a super quick way to tell is by the ice cubes. If the ice cubes are round and have a hole in the center, they are made with purified water. If the ice cubes have a different shape, the water might still be fine, but this is a simple eyeball test. Do you have a quick travel tip to share? … [Read more...] – Travel Apps and Websites

I recently found this website, and newly launched iPhone app, called You simply select the name of a country from a drop down menu and it gives you a short narrative about water quality of that particular country. According to the website: Can you drink the water in Mexico? Yes. Drinking water is completely sanitary in Mexico, despite some claims that it is not. In fact, 95% percent of its people can testify to that. If you’re not really comfortable with the country’s … [Read more...]

The Secret to Excellent Valet Service – Super Sunday Travel Tip

Tip your valet when you first drop off your car. Here is the secret to excellent valet service - A former valet recently told me he took better care of the car if the driver tipped him. Of course, to do this, you need to tip when you first drop off your car, not when  you pick it up. Your valet  might give you a more favorable parking spot which would get your car to the front sooner. Your valet might ensure your car gets more careful attention in a location where it's unlikely to get … [Read more...]

Don’t Forget These 10 Items on Your Romantic Getaways

There are zillions of sites and checklists to help you pack, but for romantic getaways, you might consider these extras: 1)      iPod plus decent speakers-Nowadays, this is super simple. When my husband and I first got married, it took some serious effort…packing CDs, a CD player and some computer speakers we took from home. Now, you just need an iPod or other MP3 player and you can often forgo the speakers. 2)      Candles-Ignite your getaway with candles. Nothing sets the mood quite like … [Read more...]

Cheap Romantic Getaways – Daily Deal Sites

One fantastic way to take cheap romantic getaways is through daily deal sites. These sites often offer hotel stay or packages at steeply reduced rates. Some of these sites just offer travel, while others offer a whole host of things. Most daily deal sites target a specific zone, but here's a little tip...when you start planning a trip, sign up for your favorite daily deals from that city, in addition to yours. You might score some cheap eats, stunning entertainment or amazing tours! My … [Read more...]