How to Maintain Fitness While Travelling

How to Maintain Fitness While TravellingGym at the Casa Velas Hotel Boutique, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Photo Courtesy: Casa Velas Hotel

Travelling can be quite hectic at the best of times. However, you need to make sure you set aside time to maintain your fitness until you return home to your normal routine. You don’t want to return home with added pounds to your body that will take a few weeks or months to shed.

There are a few different ways for you to keep fit during your vacation but you need to remember to eat right and enjoy your holiday. If you are constantly thinking about your fitness then there is something wrong because you are not enjoying your time away.


Sight Seeing


This is one of the main elements of most holidays, so remember to research the city you are going to visit, unless you are going on an adventure holiday. In that case (adventure holiday like hiking, for example), you would not need to worry about your fitness. However, for the vast part of the travelling population, you will need small ways to help you keep your fitness up and sight seeing is one that can be very healthy for you. If you decide to walk to each sight instead of taking a taxi or bus, you will keep your cardio up which in turn will keep you healthy.

TIP: Remember that you are on holiday and have limited time, so don’t walk somewhere if it will eat into your daylight time; in this case, just grab a taxi or bus.




There is a very easy way to make sure you don’t pack on the pounds on holiday and that is to watch what you eat. Now I don’t mean that you should starve yourself, but most people on holiday will eat very well, which is fine but you should try to stay away from eating high fat foods. Food is a great part to any holiday so enjoy it, and if you want to have something that might not be very healthy, then treat yourself to smaller portions than your regular diet.

TIP: Limit the amount of fatty snacks you have and opt for a healthier version if possible.


Gym/Swimming Pool


If your hotel has a swimming pool, I strongly advise you use it either before you start your day or in the evening time. Swimming is great cardio and can help you burn unwanted calories that have built up during the day.

TIP: If the hotel has a swimming pool then chances are there is a gym too, so this could also be an option for you to get your workouts.


Try to go for a Morning Run


Another thing you can do is go for a run in the morning before you start your day as it is good for fitness and also an opportunity for you to get to know the city you are staying in. However, that is only possible if you don’t have very late nights and keep your alcohol intake the previous night in check. There is nothing more annoying on a holiday than waking up with a hangover and a headache while the others start enjoying their day in the bright sun outside.

TIP: Remember that it is a holiday, so have fun and don’t worry about your fitness too much.


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