How to Maintain Fitness While Travelling

Gym at the Casa Velas Hotel Boutique, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Photo Courtesy: Casa Velas Hotel Travelling can be quite hectic at the best of times. However, you need to make sure you set aside time to maintain your fitness until you return home to your normal routine. You don't want to return home with added pounds to your body that will take a few weeks or months to shed. There are a few different ways for you to keep fit during your vacation but you need to remember to eat right and … [Read more...]

Use These Tips To Make A Day At The Beach More Comfortable

A nice day at the Cascais Beach in Lisbon, Portugal - Photo Courtesy: Michael Coghlan Just about everyone enjoys a great day at the beach lying in the sunshine and swimming in the ocean, but some individuals actually feel really uncomfortable spending hours upon hours at the shore. This could be because they can’t stand the sun beating down on them or they may not like the heat. They may not even know how to swim so they can’t enjoy the water either. But when entire families or groups of … [Read more...]

What Different Things Does Travel Insurance Cover You For?

Checking his travel insurance on Changi International Airport, Singapore - Photo Courtesy: Jeremy Foo If you happen to be travelling, whether on holiday, to visit family on the other side of the world, or on a business trip, it makes a lot of sense to have travel insurance. Basically, travel insurance will cover various situations and can provide you with peace of mind. Travel insurance will typically cover you for certain losses you many incur while travelling and it can also help for certain … [Read more...]

Minibus Rentals – How To Avoid Being Ripped Off

Mercedes Minibus near the port in Villefranche in the south of France - Photo Courtesy: Matt Davis A minibus is a perfect option if you are traveling in groups. Not only does it allow for better organization, it also proves to be one of the most economical modes of transport when you work out the cost per person. Moreover, if you hire a chauffeured minibus, you and your travel companions can discover the joy of not having to drive and fend for directions! Even though minibuses are very … [Read more...]

There’s Something For Everyone On Phillip Island – Go And See For Yourself!

Phillip Island beach - Photo Courtesy: Tamas Phillip Island is something of a national treasure for Australia. It’s a beautiful spot and many people are choosing it as the perfect getaway from normal life. It attracts Australian natives and travellers alike, and its area of 10,000 hectares means there’s plenty of space for everyone. At its widest point it measures a whopping 29 by 9 kilometres – pretty big for an island! The climate is mild, the landscape is flat and beautiful, housing 6000 … [Read more...]

When In Spain: 7 Things You Should Never Be Caught Doing

Spain Balearic Islands Mediterranean Menorca - Photo Courtesy: pixabay Spain is the one country that every person should visit at least once. The passionate people, the laidback culture, the sunny weather, the quirky festivals and the beautiful landscapes; here is the perfect vacation for everyone. Age group and gender, irrespective. However, in order for Spain to offer you its best side, you have to offer your best side too. To do so, you have to enter the country well-researched and leave … [Read more...]

Want To Make It Easy To Travel With Luggage?

Luggage - Photo Courtesy: Jason Kuffer   When you decide to travel to any destination, one of the issues that you will definitely need to deal with is how to handle your luggage. For one, carrying luggage around can be very cumbersome for most people. In addition to that, the likelihood of things such as losing the luggage while in transit is also high, especially when you are flying. However, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that you do not have such a hard time with … [Read more...]

Make-up and Skin Care Tips for Long Haul Flights

Long haul flights and traveling for long periods of time can leave their mark – and if you’re jetting away with that special someone, the last thing you want is to look tired and drained. Just because you’re traveling it doesn’t mean your looks have to suffer! Many of us are jetting off on exotic honeymoons – and whilst this is great – it does mean we sacrifice looking glamorous and gorgeous the whole way!   Look fresh and composed when you step off that plane, with these following … [Read more...]

Is It Safe to Drink the Water – Super Sunday Travel Tips

When traveling in a foreign country, it’s important to know - is it safe to drink the water. If you aren't sure, a super quick way to tell is by the ice cubes. If the ice cubes are round and have a hole in the center, they are made with purified water. If the ice cubes have a different shape, the water might still be fine, but this is a simple eyeball test. Do you have a quick travel tip to share? … [Read more...]

The Secret to Excellent Valet Service – Super Sunday Travel Tip

Tip your valet when you first drop off your car. Here is the secret to excellent valet service - A former valet recently told me he took better care of the car if the driver tipped him. Of course, to do this, you need to tip when you first drop off your car, not when  you pick it up. Your valet  might give you a more favorable parking spot which would get your car to the front sooner. Your valet might ensure your car gets more careful attention in a location where it's unlikely to get … [Read more...]