4 Trendy And Hip Suburbs That Break The Suburban Cliché

4 Trendy And Hip Suburbs That Break The Suburban Cliché 1Chicago suburbs – The suburbs of chicago viewed from the John hancock obsevation deck at night with the lights on. Photo Courtesy: urbanfeel

The suburbs, or ‘burbs’ as they are fondly known, draw up an image of white picket fenced homes and clean sidewalks, with children riding their cycles in the street, waiting to go bonkers when they hear the ice-cream truck approaching. Traditionally, that is what the suburbs have always been like.

However, there are a few places that break free from the cliché to prove that the burbs can be a hip and trendy location. Here are 4 suburbs that prove your life doesn’t have to be boring just because you are in the burbs.


Williamsburg, Brooklyn, USA


4 Trendy And Hip Suburbs That Break The Suburban Cliché 2

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, USA – Photo Courtesy: Andrew Crump


The City of New York can be a terribly expensive place to live in. For decades, residents have had to make numerous sacrifices in order to afford the cost of living in Manhattan. As a result, it is not surprising that the other boroughs of New York have been subject to gentrification.

Williamsburg, in particular, has been a noteworthy up-and-coming neighbourhood that has redefined the concept of a hip ad trendy suburb. Admittedly, Brooklyn is a borough and not necessarily a suburb of New York. However, Brooklyn has a unique identity of its own, separate from the image of New York City, and quite distinct from the city’s other boroughs. Williamsburg has become the newest hotspot for east-coast hipsters and is not as expensive as other trendy suburbs.


Stoke Newington, Borough of Hackney, UK


4 Trendy And Hip Suburbs That Break The Suburban Cliché 3

Stoke Newington station – Photo Courtesy: Ewan Munro


What Williamsburg underwent in the 2000s, Stoke Newington is undergoing right now. Considering its location in Greater London, it is surprising that the Borough of Hackney has managed to avoid gentrification for so long.

However, now that gentrification is well under way, Stoke Newington is fast becoming one of the coolest places to stay in the United Kingdom. Many have gone so far as to claim that this district could be the next Camden; sophisticated and trendy, but not too heavy on the pockets. Thanks to a large immigrant population, Stoke Newington has a fantastic array of cafes, restaurants and pubs.


Bellevue, Washington, USA


4 Trendy And Hip Suburbs That Break The Suburban Cliché 4Fireworks in Bellevue – Looking west from the 41st floor of Bellevue Towers, a high rise condominium complex in Downtown Bellevue, Washington, USA. Downtown Bellevue was created almost from scratch starting in the 1980s. Photo Courtesy: Curt Smith

Once upon a time, Bellevue used to be a typical suburban neighbourhood, home to people who would daily commute to Seattle for work. However, all that has changed now, and for the good.

Bellevue, Washington, is now a ‘boomburg’ and is almost a city on its own. As a result, there has been a massive rise in the number of dining and entertainment establishments, as well as festivals and recreational activities. Since the city is still expanding, it is possible to find accommodation that won’t burn a hole in your pocket; one of the key reasons why so many youngsters are heading to Bellevue to call it home.


Brighton, Victoria, Australia


4 Trendy And Hip Suburbs That Break The Suburban Cliché 5The “Golden Hour” descends on Brighton, Victoria, Australia. The bathing boxes (beach boxes) on Dendy Street Beach are glowing in the middle. Photo Courtesy: Andrew

There is no lack of fantastic suburbs in and around the Victorian capital of Melbourne. However, talk about the trendiest suburb and Brighton is definitely the winner in this category. Named after the town of Brighton, in England, the suburb is host to some of the most affluent citizens of Melbourne.

Although it has everything that makes a place hip and trendy, the standout feature in Brighton are bathing boxes on Dendy Street Beach. Brighton has numerous cycling routes to supplement the excellent transportation system, allowing you to fully explore some of the best pubs and cafes in the country.


While other suburbs continue to be a family-friendly row of houses, each indistinguishable from the other, these 4 suburbs prove that living in the burbs can be just as exciting as living in the city.


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