5 Luxury Hotel Resorts for a Romantic Getaway

5 Luxury Hotel Resorts for a Romantic Getaway 1 - desert_pool

Desert Pool Villa at Al Areen Palace & Spa, Bahrain. Located on a massive spread of land, Al Areen features a total of 78 Pool Villas in a one-storey setting. Photo Courtesy: www.alareenpalace.com (official website)

It’s important to take some time out and get away from the everyday worries and concerns that trespass on our daily schedules; work, the kids, family…. Whether it’s a much-needed break or a honeymoon, the following five luxury hotel resorts are the ultimate destinations for a luxurious romantic getaway you’re guaranteed to love.


1. One & Only Resorts, Maldives


Prepare yourself for sheer fascination with The One & Only resort in the Maldives -setting a new standard for luxury hotels everywhere. It’s no secret that the Maldives offers unparalleled beauty, making it the perfect location for a romantic getaway.  Cast yourself to sea, in one of their “Water Villas” situated, as the name supposes, in the middle of the sea. Perched on top of stilts, the villas appear as if they are gliding on the crystal blue waters creating a truly sublime image.


5 Luxury Hotel Resorts for a Romantic Getaway 2 - One & Only, Maldives

Water Villa at One & Only Reethi Rah, Maldives – Photo Courtesy: http://reethirah.oneandonlyresorts.com/ (official website)

The remote and tranquil setting tucks you away from the interference of any unwanted disturbances; you won’t have any awkward run-ins with room service here. A range of complimentary services are offered, such as welcome cocktails, and a 24 hour villa host to respond to any enquiries you may have and much more – a real token of hospitality you’ll struggle to find elsewhere.


2. Al Areen, Bahrain


5 Luxury Hotel Resorts for a Romantic Getaway 3 - Royal Pool Villa

Royal Pool Villa, Al Areen Palace & Spa. The resort is only 35 minutes from Bahrain International Airport, and five minutes away from the world-famous Bahrain International Circuit. Photo Courtesy: www.alareenpalace.com (official website)

Decadent room furnishings, intricate design, Al Areen Bahrain delivers on all these levels. The hotel is divided into two sets of accommodation; The Desert Pool Villa and The Royal Pool Villa. The desert pool infuses typical Middle East artistry with contemporary design; with an abundance of space, guests have access to their very own private living room. The high ceilings of The Royal Pool Villa justify its name; expect nothing less then sheer opulence with the finest attention paid to every detail. Equipped with a king size bed, an oversized tub and Arabian interior design like you’ve never seen before – The Royal Villa makes the perfect destination for a romantic getaway you won’t forget.


3. Turtle Island, Fiji


5 Luxury Hotel Resorts for a Romantic Getaway 4 - Turtle Island, Fiji -pier_sunset

Turtle Island Fiji is the perfect getaway for newlyweds. Photo Courtesy: www.turtlefiji.com (official website)

Why stop at just a hotel, get treated to the remoteness of a whole island with Fiji’s Turtle Island. The remoteness of the small but luxurious island encapsulates everything a romantic getaway should be; personal, intimate and above all- special. With only 14 private villas or “bures”, it’s the perfect retreat. Crafted by Fiji craftsmen, the “bures” serve up a real traditional, eco friendly slice of Fiji culture -instantly making you feel at one with nature. Every “Grand Bure” has its own hot tub fitted, and a spacious garden with a queen sized sun bed for those afternoons spent drifting off to sleep in the sun. A true paradise, Turtle Island is more than a holiday; it’s an experience you won’t forget.


4. Badrutts Palace Hotel, Switzerland


5 Luxury Hotel Resorts for a Romantic Getaway 5 - Badrutts Palace Hotel, Switzerland

Badrutts Palace Hotel, Switzerland seen in the left-bottom corner above. Photo Courtesy: www.badruttspalace.com (official website)

A romantic getaway doesn’t always necessarily have to call for an exotic hot setting; in fact it’s quite the contrary in some cases. Who needs the searing heat when you can wrap up warm in a cosy and idyllic setting? If this sounds like you, then make sure Badrutts Palace Hotel in Switzerland is on the top of your list of places to go. It’s difficult not to fall in love with Switzerland – the enchanting skyline of mountains and valleys; you’re spoilt to breathtaking views. The critically acclaimed resort is located in the famous area of St. Moritz, attracting the likes of celebrities for years with its truly remarkable setting. Expect a real serving of classic Swiss style – sheer elegance and sophistication, each room has its own private balcony and butler service.


5. Paws Up, Montana


5 Luxury Hotel Resorts for a Romantic Getaway 6 - Paws Up, Montana

Luxury Camping at The Resort at Paws Up, Montana. Photo Courtesy: www.pawsup.com (official website)

Referred to as “glamping”, Montana’s Paws Up quirky resort brings luxury to the outdoors. Fed up of the corporate feel of a looming multiplex resort? With Paws Up resort you’re placed in the heart of nature, wildlife and the great outdoors! Luxury and comfort certainly isn’t compromised with an elegantly furnished hut, complete with an en suite bathroom. Your own butler tends to all your wants and needs; allowing you as much privacy as you and your partner want or need. For those more culinary challenged individuals, you have your own chef to respond to your needs 24 hours a day. Tango Point is the exclusive honeymoon tent, set in a private location creating the perfect solitude for you and your loved one – away from the disturbance of the outside world. The tent has its own copper hot tub, and boasts of having the “last best bed” – need we say anymore?



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