Adventure Honeymoons

Adventure Honeymoons - White Water RaftingWhite Water Rafting (on The Nile) – Photo by PeterJBellis

Let’s face it, the tranquil honeymoon with lazy days spent lying on the beach or strolling through exotic bazaars may not be for everyone.  If you are the kind of couple who are always on the go and have to be doing something new and exciting, why draw the line at your honeymoon?

From the spectacular scenery of New Zealand’s South Island to white water rafting through Glacier National Park, there is nothing stopping the active couple from spicing up their honeymoon with a little adventure.  To get your creative juices flowing, here is a list of five adventurous honeymoon ideas.  Where you go from here is up to you.

Driving the Himalayas


Adventure Honeymoons - Driving the Himalayas

Road to Kaza from Kalpa in the Himalayas – Photo Courtesy: India Untravelled

Do Tibet and Nepal speak to your soul?  You don’t have to hike the Himalayas in order to enjoy the sheer rugged beauty of them.  Imagine visiting monasteries that were established before London was even a village on the Thames, getting a view of Mt. Everest – maybe even hiking in its foothills.  Indeed, you can rent a car (preferably a 4×4) and visit everything from Lhasa to Katmandu, stopping wherever the spirit takes you.  By booking an expedition to the roof of the world you can truly start off your married life on a high note.

Water Sports on the Great Barrier Reef of Australia


Adventure Honeymoons - Great Barrier Reef of Australia

‘Finding Nemos’ in the Great Barrier Reef of Australia – Photo by Paul Arps

There really is no other place on the planet quite as spectacular as Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, and for those who enjoy water sports you can definitely find something for everyone.  From boating to surfing to scuba diving, your honeymoon will not know a dull moment if you opt for taking your honeymoon on the Great Barrier Reef.

Mt. Fuji; More than Just a Post Card


Adventure Honeymoons - Mt. Fuji, Japan

Beautiful Mt. Fuji at dawn by palindrome6996

Situated near the capital city of Tokyo, Mt. Fuji provides an incredibly scenic flavor to a fairy tale landscape.  But Mt. Fuji is so much more than a pretty post card!  By adding a climb up Mt. Fuji to your Japanese honeymoon agenda can add a great twist to your first few days or weeks together.  By taking the bus from Fujikyu to the fifth station on Mt. Fuji arranging to start hiking at midnight you can actually be at the summit in time to watch the sun rise together – shedding its light on your new life together.

Grand Canyon Mule Ride


Adventure Honeymoons - Grand Canyon Mule Ride

Grand Canyon Mule Ride – Photo by Grand Canyon NPS

While riding a mule down into the Grand Canyon may not seem incredibly adventurous, it can certainly lend a twist to the old classic honeymoon of visiting the Grand Canyon.  You can play it safe and stay at the gorgeous hotels located at the canyon’s rim and on the canyon floor, or you can, for the whole adventure, arrange to camp out on the canyon floor.

Hike the Angkor Wat Ruins


Adventure Honeymoons - Angkor Wat Ruins, Cambodia

Angkor Wat Ruins, Cambodia – Photo by Kitetraveller

Stunningly beautiful, the ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia date back to the twelfth century and are mysterious enough to make you feel as if you have entered an alternate universe.  This incredible complex of temples and crumbling sculptures has all but been reclaimed by the Cambodian jungle.

No matter if you stay close to home or opt for a jaunt to the other side of the world, an adventurous honeymoon may be the perfect way to start your married life off with a bang and lay the foundation for an entire lifetime of adventure and excitement.

This article was written by Sarah Rigos, founder of the leading cash wedding registry site, Starlight Registry.

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