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I recently found this website, and newly launched iPhone app, called You simply select the name of a country from a drop down menu and it gives you a short narrative about water quality of that particular country. According to the website:

Can you drink the water in Mexico? Yes.

Drinking water is completely sanitary in Mexico, despite some claims that it is not. In fact, 95% percent of its people can testify to that. If you’re not really comfortable with the country’s tap water, bottled water is available everywhere. Hotels even offer one big bottle of mineral water per room every night. “Is the water safe to drink in Mexico?” A definite Yes.

Here’s another example:

Can you drink the water in the Philippines? No.

Filipinos, for the most parts, do not have access to clean drinking water. Bottled water is the safest option. Also, be careful of purchasing beverages from sidewalk vendors since they mostly acquire their water from unsafe sources. Buko juice is a yummy Filipino drink to try, only if it is not added with ice. “Is the water safe to drink in the Philippines?” Sad to say, No.

While I think this is a handy snapshot of water quality, I find it hard to believe a few sentences can accurately describe the water quality for an entire country. For those of you who travel extensively, does this website seem accurate?

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