Coorg Tourism for Offbeat Travels

Coorg Tourism for Offbeat Travels 1A beautiful scene from Coorg (Kodagu) region in India – Photo Courtesy: Nikhil Verma

Mostly known as Coorg, this Kodagu region hill-station in India is purely picturesque with alluring mountains surrounding it in the southern part of Karnataka. The place is not very far from Bangalore and Mysore. It is mostly crowded with newlywed couples and young crowds who are attracted towards the beauty of Coorg tourism. The adventurists come here in search of offbeat travel options, which they find through the multitude of things to do in Coorg. Backpackers who mostly look for a different kind of experience through their travels always come down to this hill-station.

The huge areas of plantations and natural beauty are not just to view, but also to explore by getting oneself indulged into the activities that many tourist agencies offer. One may also explore on his or her own, saving time and money and discover various other things to do in Coorg at a leisurely pace.

Although Coorg tourism has enlisted a lot of activities, but in recent years there has been a rise in many other options that are found by the travelers.


1. Walking in Coffee Plantations


Coorg Tourism for Offbeat Travels 2Plantation workers on a Coffee Plantation in Coorg, India – Photo Courtesy: Philip Larson

This is not an offbeat travel activity, but it is certainly one of the many things to do in Coorg that a visitor must not miss. The world renowned Coorg coffee plantations contribute to nearly 60% of the total coffee production of India. Since the coffee plants have to be put under the shadows, there are a lot of rosewood, sandalwood and teak trees around it. One could take up a guided tour or just walk into one. A few of the resorts have their own plantations, so it is best advised to stay there and wake up with all the greenery around.


2. Waterfalls


Coorg Tourism for Offbeat Travels 3

Irupu Falls – Coorg, India. Photo Courtesy: Screaming Monkey


There are many waterfalls around the place; Irupu and Abbey are two of the most famous waterfalls in the entire Coorg region. These are best viewed right after the monsoon subsides, but the cascading water comes throughout the year. At 8km, Abbey falls is the most accessible point of tour while Irupu falls is 90 kms south of Madikeri. Strangely, many people choose to go to Irupu falls as it can always be followed with a drive through the Nagarhole National Park to Bangalore. One must visit the Irupu falls right after the monsoon when it’s the peak season; butterflies in abundance would be seen everywhere at that time of the year.


3. Trekking


Coorg Tourism for Offbeat Travels 4

The climb during the Brahmgiri trek – Photo Courtesy: Thejaswi


The most amazing and natural things that one witnesses here in the Coorg region is the numerous towering valleys and peaks over it. Hence, it becomes a favorite destination for the trekking aficionados. The popular route of Kakkabe to Thadiyandamol is known for being the highest peak of the region. It usually takes five hours to cover the entire route. The trek of Brahmagiri range that takes a trekker from Virajpet to Irupu falls is the most enjoyable one because of the dense forest one has to go through. Trekking is definitely to be put forth in the list of the things to do in Coorg.


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