Driving Through Melbourne with Your Better Half

Driving Through Melbourne with Your Better Half 1Melbourne, Australia. Photo Courtesy: Patrick Nouhailler

Taking a vacation is one of the best decisions that you could ever make to get rid of that work-related stress. Accompanied by your spouse, some time away from home offers you the best chance to bond—this is something you do not get to do every day. Being in a foreign territory is also a positive distraction that refreshes your mind in readiness for your duties back at home.

When thinking about a tourism destination, Melbourne should definitely be your top pick. This Australian city would ultimately satisfy your vacation needs thanks to its lovely characteristics. These characteristics include fun activities, monumental landmarks and friendly locals among others.

Driving through Melbourne


Driving Through Melbourne with Your Better Half 2Driving Through Melbourne – Photo Courtesy: Jes

In Melbourne, it is conceivable that your better half and you would need to move around. This calls for a reliable form of transport that will get you around the city conveniently. Preferably, you can hire or obtain an automobile to get you to various places in Melbourne. This ranks as being affordable in addition to being a reliable transport vessel. Fortunately, there are many car hire firms that could furnish you with a vehicle for your transportation needs. After gaining access to an automobile, make sure that you visit certain areas of the city.


Waterfront City


Driving Through Melbourne with Your Better Half 3

Ice skating @ the Icehouse Melbourne – Photo Courtesy: Yun Huang Yong

If you are a fan of ice skating, then the two of you must drive to the Waterfront City. This is the home of Icehouse Docklands, which plays host to two Olympic-esque ice rinks. Here, your partner and you can experience the thrills associated with ice skating thanks to the available world-class facilities. In case you get thirsty, there is a bar where you can easily obtain your desired drink. This facility also boasts of a gymnasium and a cafe, which serves various beverages and delicacies.


Queen Victoria market


Driving Through Melbourne with Your Better Half 4Crowds at The Epicurean – Queen Victoria Market. Photo Courtesy: Alpha

A drive through Melbourne should never be complete without a trip to Queen Victoria market. A visit to this open-air market accords you with the opportunity to sample the various products on sale. The products that stand out are undoubtedly the vegetable produces, which you would ultimately find to be fresh.


Ian Potter Centre


Driving Through Melbourne with Your Better Half 5

Ian Potter Centre – Photo by Travis

A visit to the Ian Potter Centre should ultimately be one of the highlights of your drive through Melbourne. This is Australia’s national gallery, which is quite evident from the plethora of decorative arts, prints, paintings, drawings, jewellery, fashion and textiles. The trip to this place is definitely worthy for the two of you. You will be impressed by paintings from the aborigines while the ‘Angry Penguins’ painting should prove to be an eye-candy.


Melbourne Zoo


Driving Through Melbourne with Your Better Half 6An Elephant couple with their cute little one taking a walk at the Melbourne Zoo – Photo Courtesy: Tom Reynolds

A few minutes’ drive from the city centre should take you to the Melbourne Zoo. This is a must-visit place that will enable you to see various members of the animal kingdom. The zoo, home to over 350 species, ranks as the oldest zoo in Australia. The fact that it has been in existence for so long speaks volumes of its importance to many species who have found a home away from their natural habitat. It also consists of a car park, which allays any fears you might harbour about finding a parking space.


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