Use These Tips To Make A Day At The Beach More Comfortable

Use These Tips To Make A Day At The Beach More Comfortable 1A nice day at the Cascais Beach in Lisbon, Portugal – Photo Courtesy: Michael Coghlan

Just about everyone enjoys a great day at the beach lying in the sunshine and swimming in the ocean, but some individuals actually feel really uncomfortable spending hours upon hours at the shore. This could be because they can’t stand the sun beating down on them or they may not like the heat. They may not even know how to swim so they can’t enjoy the water either. But when entire families or groups of friends want to take a vacation or at least a day trip to the beach, it can be hard to turn down the offer, no matter how much you hate being on the hot sand, especially if you want to spend quality time with the people you care about.

To make your life easier, start implementing the following tips the next time you plan on being at the beach for a day. These ideas should help you stay more comfortable so you can actually enjoy yourself.


Give Yourself Plenty of Shade


Use These Tips To Make A Day At The Beach More Comfortable 2Beach Umbrellas – Photo Courtesy: Kimberly Jones

Take a large beach umbrella with you whenever you head to the beach on a hot day, as it will provide you with protection from the harsh sun’s rays. If you’re traveling with a large group, though, consider taking along a larger canopy that everyone can sit under comfortably. This will provide you with a nice big area of shade and you can retreat to it when you get too hot. It’s also the perfect place to keep food and drinks so that they remain cool and out of the sun’s reach. Just make sure that you can find a spot of the beach that’s open enough to fit your group and your canopy so it doesn’t disturb others.


Bring a Personal Travel Fan


Use These Tips To Make A Day At The Beach More Comfortable 3

Kirsten Complete with Portable Fan – Photo Courtesy: K-Bot

A travel fan is small and compact enough to comfortably carry onto the beach with you, and because it’s battery-operated, you can use it all day long to keep you cool without having to worry about plugging it into an outlet. Bring several if you have to, and use it underneath your umbrella or canopy shelter in order to make sure that you stay as cool as possible no matter how hot it is beneath the sun.


Hydrate the Entire Time


Use These Tips To Make A Day At The Beach More Comfortable 4

Kids hydrating at a beach – Photo Courtesy: dnkbdotcom

One important thing that you need to do while at the beach on a hot summer day is to make sure that you stay properly hydrated. Dehydration can occur quickly, and it can come on sooner if you consume alcohol or caffeinated beverages. Therefore, stick with natural juices packed with vitamins, drinks like Gatorade that have electrolytes, or pure water. Place these beverages into a cooler to make sure they remain at an optimal temperature. Consume them as needed to prevent dehydration and keep you comfortable.


A day at the beach doesn’t have to be miserable at all. If you take the right steps to protect yourself from the sun and you also take the right supplies to keep yourself as cool and comfortable as possible, you can actually have a blast even if you typically don’t enjoy the beach.


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