Go for a Tour Delight – Places to Visit near Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal - Photo Courtesy: Dinesh Bhuria Owing to the presence of many historical monuments, Agra is a hot tourist destination round the world. Agra is one of the most popular cities in India as well as the most visited city by tourists from all over. There is no denying the fact that the city is a favorite tourist spot for tourists and backpackers both from India and abroad. UNESCO World Heritage monument, and the epitome of love, the Taj Mahal is located in Agra making the city popular … [Read more...]

Your Mumbai Stay Guide

'Gateway of India' (foreground); The Taj Mahal Hotel (background) - Photo Courtesy: Theresa Schenk Mumbai is the nerve center for Indian financial industry and mainstream Indian Hindi movies. Originally, Mumbai was a cluster of seven islands and the Old Woman’s Island is its southernmost island. Being a busy city where travelers travel in and out of the city for various reasons, from the months of October to March, there is a steady flow of foreign visitors who visit Mumbai. If you are … [Read more...]

Ooty Tourism: Discover a Prism of Unmatched Natural Beauty

A horse grazing in the hills near Ooty, India - Photo Courtesy: Ram Kumar If you like traveling to hilly locations with pristine untouched beauty, then Ooty in India is the perfect place for you. The charming town of Udhagamandalam, better known as Ooty, is nestled among the Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu in southern part of India. It has also been referred to as the “queen of Hill Stations” due to the unmatched natural beauty this town has to offer. Ooty tourism attracts hundreds of travelers to … [Read more...]

Tourism in Mumbai: The Most Popular Visited Places

Mumbai Skyline - Photo Courtesy: Ashutosh Garg You would be visiting Mumbai, India with your family next week and are quite apprehensive regarding your family security when staying there. But here is some news for you; In a survey conducted by the reputed Reader Digest magazine, Mumbai has emerged as the second honest city in the world after Helsinki. Thus you should not take the big bad image of Mumbai very seriously and plan out your family’s sightseeing to various tourist places in … [Read more...]

Coorg Tourism: An Insight into Wildlife Tours

A herd of Deer in Coorg, India - Photo Courtesy: Aditya Patawari Did you ever want to visit the animal kingdom and have all the fun while reaching to those places in sanctuaries, bio spheres and reserves and national parks. If your answer is 'yes' then Coorg tourism in India brings to you the four most desired and most beautiful sight seeing tours for animal lovers. We qualify them as must “Coorg places to visit”. Let us talk about each one in short:   1. Nagarahole Wildlife … [Read more...]

Tourism in Thailand: Beaches and More

Phang Nga Bay Beach, Thailand - Photo Courtesy: Christophe Billard Ever wondered why Thailand is so famous with visitors? Well, it’s got everything you ever dreamed of doing on a vacation. With beautiful landscapes, clean beaches, huge temples and palaces along its coasts, your globe trotting is incomplete without visiting Thailand. It’s a one stop destination for a complete holiday package. Below, we list out a few things you would love to visit during your trip to Thailand. Right from the … [Read more...]

Best 5 Things to Enjoy in Thailand

A Giant Buddha Statue at Golden Triangle, Thailand - Photo Courtesy: Josch Thailand is a country of paradoxes where on one end the beautiful beaches mesmerize even the most discerning of travellers and on the other hand, the tropical forests urge you to delve into the unknown. This is a country where the bustle of the capital city Bangkok is quite a contrast to the calm and serenity of the islands. Modern and glistening glass and steel structures coexist harmoniously alongside ancient palaces, … [Read more...]

Hotels like Nowhere Else

The Bom Jesus Basilica, perhaps Goa's most famous church - Photo Courtesy: Pixabay Accommodation is one of the most important factors for a good vacation. A good resort can add more joy to your vacation while an awful one can ruin it, taking away all the fun from your holiday. Therefore, choosing a good hotel is the prime concern for everyone, especially if the location is as fantastic as Goa, India. Goa tourism is extremely popular not only with Indian travellers but with international … [Read more...]

Coorg Tourism for Offbeat Travels

A beautiful scene from Coorg (Kodagu) region in India - Photo Courtesy: Nikhil Verma Mostly known as Coorg, this Kodagu region hill-station in India is purely picturesque with alluring mountains surrounding it in the southern part of Karnataka. The place is not very far from Bangalore and Mysore. It is mostly crowded with newlywed couples and young crowds who are attracted towards the beauty of Coorg tourism. The adventurists come here in search of offbeat travel options, which they find … [Read more...]

Mouthwatering Delicacies of Restaurants in Ooty

Railway Station at the beautiful hill town Ooty, India - Photo Courtesy: Raj Ooty (Udhagamandalam) is a spellbinding little hill station located in the Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu state in the south of India. A serene hill station, it has pleasant weather all year round that makes it a perfect hideout in summer. Known for its pristine scenic beauty that is very soothing to the eyes of a visitor, the description or this beautiful place in Ooty travel guide absolutely matches what one witnesses … [Read more...]